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Harry has seen the new TWO TOWERS trailer

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm not going to go into great detail here simply because there really is nothing new here. Basically this is a re-edit of footage you've already seen in the extended trailer that was tagged onto the end of FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. In all the trailer ran right around a minute twenty seconds. I wasn't looking at my watch, but it seemed to end before it was started. But isn't that always the case with any footage seen from LORD OF THE RINGS?

There is one shot that most of you have never seen, that has Legolas at the battle of Helm's Deep sliding down a set of stairs on the back of a shield firing arrows at oncoming hordes of Orc and Uruk Hai. If memory serves, this footage was in the Cannes Reel.

The trailer is made up only of characters that were introduced to us in the first film, shows the key scenes of Gollum crawling down towards Frodo and Sam, Aragorn and Legolas standing in the lightning at Helm's Deep with those establishing shots of the massive evil arm encamped outside their walls and the trailer ends with the introduction of Gandalf the White as he first appears before Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas. No Treebeard, no Eomer, no Theoden, no Wormtongue, no Arwen or Eowyn, no Faramir. And strangely, neither of the Two Towers are actually shown in the teaser if memory serves... rather odd thing to leave out, I would think.

The trailer is narrated by Cate Blanchett's Galadriel, but I didn't have my notes with me when I saw the trailer. Where did I see it? Parts Unknown. Let's just say, I haven't been in Austin all the time. Muhahahahahahaaaaa, sneaky cheeky bastard that I am. I love my New Line spies in Bangkok!!!! Just kidding... or am I?

Ultimately I couldn't help but be disappointed by the lack of new imagery. Sure many people haven't seen the TWO TOWERS footage that was shown at Cannes last year, many didn't return to FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING to see the extended TWO TOWERS trailer, so for many this will most likely be their first chance to see footage from TWO TOWERS beyond the glimpses on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT or other such programs. Frankly though, I feel with each new step, they should be bringing us mainly new imagery. Making us hunger for more and more. Personally I just want the movie out now. It's the film I wish to be seeing this Memorial Day.

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