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Lucas continues to fiddle with RETURN OF THE JEDI and Answers About Threepio's Noggin!

Hey folks, Harry here... Seems that George is going to be doing more fiddling still with RETURN OF THE JEDI, I suppose digitally removing the Ewoks and creating his initial lizard people is out of the question... ahem... But AAAANNNYWAYYY Seems that George is gonna have Natalie Portman doing something in Jedi, I imagine this will have something to do somewhere with the celebration sequence, because I swear to God if he makes her a blue shimmery ghost thing somebody is gonna need an asswhuppin'. We've also heard that Jar Jar was going to end up in A NEW HOPE. (Please don't hit me, I bear only the message) George also recently revealed that R2D2 and Threepio get their memories wiped in Episode 3 for reasons not yet revealed. So there ya go.

Hey Harry, has posted an article that says that Lucas has confirmed Natalie Portman's involvement in the new scenes being shot for the original trilogy. She is going to shoot scenes for Return Of The Jedi during the production of Episode III.

Here's the quote: "He also told MTV that Natalie Portman has signed on to be a part of the new scenes being filmed for Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. She'll shoot scenes during the production of Episode III."


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