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A new STARSHIP TROOPERS movie is in the Grapevine!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Got the following story sent in and after doing some follow up poking around at Sony today, I found that the original creative team on STARSHIP have submitted a proposal to Sony for a sequel which is currently entitled HERO OF THE FEDERATION. No details as of yet, but I do remember that in talking to Jon Davison about STARSHIP TROOPERS way back in the day... He said they had always intended it as a two part film. The second part was to be heavy duty Power Armor and the whole nine yards. All the missing stuff. I'm one of those people that loved Verhoeven's insanely blissful Orkin fantasy. I hope this goes forward!

I've heard through the grapevine that there is an alleged sequel to STARSHIP TROOPERS tenatively titled HEROES OF THE FEDERATION .. Haven't heard if that is supposed to be, STARSHIP TROOPERS 2: HEROES OF THE FEDERATION or not, but what I'm hearing is that it isn't officially greenlit yet, but it is anticipated or rumored to be greenlit this week. What do you know Harry?

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