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Is INDIANA JONES 4 set to start production this June'

Hey folks, Harry here... I know this may indeed sound like a lot of bullshit, but this source has been dead on right on a couple of scoops in the past... PLUS... I have a second source that confirmed that movement directly related to this project moving forward has been initiated in the production side of things. The second source, which I can't divulge was very solid on this. So take it with a tad of salt, but realize... the rumor has some pretty strong legs at this stage. Here's Buster (not the previous name the scooper has taken)...

Hey Harry, came off the set of Catch Me If You Can this past week and I can't say who, but someone very very up there did indeed reveal that Indiana Jones 4 will not be happening as everyone thinks in 2004. It goes before camera this June! When you think about the hints, it makes sense... George Lucas saying, "if I finished episode two this week I have to start on Indy 4 next week". There is Spielberg's free time. Plus Ford not yet signed on anything for the summer. Trust me on this one, Indy 4 starts shooting soon. Call me "Buster".

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