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AICN Score News #2 - Info to hum about!

Harry here... Currently I'm listening to my LOGAN'S RUN score... What are you listening to? Here's Dan with a rundown about what's coming and going in the world of scores. Enjoy...

Hey folks!

Believe it or not, the past two weeks have been pretty exciting in terms of special soundtrack releases! Before I get into that, I gotta toot my own horn for a sec. We're running a contest where you can win the new STAR WARS EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES CD, by John Williams. Additionally, we're running a Disney Super Contest, where you could win the recent reissues of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER, and PETE'S DRAGON. The first albums have been out of print and in high demand for years, so this is a great opportunity to hear some killer music by Alan Silvestri and Bruce Broughton. Additionally, this is the first time PETE'S DRAGON is available on CD, and with the remastered RESCUERS DOWN UNDER, the sound is just killer. Now on to the new specialty releases. First off, Michael Kamen has just released an official expanded soundtrack to LETHAL WEAPON. That's right - official, expanded, and legit. Kickin'! You can get it direct from the official distributor, BuySoundTrax.Com although it will also be carried by a few other online specialty retailers as well, such as Intrada, ScreenArchives, and MovieMusic

Speaking of Intrada, they just released Henry Mancini's score to SILVER STREAK - it's out now, and waiting for you to pick it up. CLICK HERE

Film Score Monthly's newest batch of releases include Bernard Herrmann's score to JOY IN THE MORNING, and a double score release of THE MAN WHO LOVED CAT DANCING. That disc contains both John Williams' score, as well as Michel Legrand's rejected score. CLICK HERE

Also of note is John Barry's first film score release in a damn long time, ENIGMA. Released last year practically everwhere except the USA, Decca Records has finally brought this lush score to the US market.

Percepto Records just put up some details on it's upcoming release of THE FLY / RETURN OF THE FLY / THE CURSE OF THE FLY. This two disc set will contain a monstrous 54-page booklet, filled with all sorts of details. Yowza! They're also going to be releasing Vic Mizzy's score to THE NIGHT WATCHER, all coming this spring. Also, Percepto Records is distributing the internation score release to Guillermo Del Toro's critically acclaimed film, THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE. So if you've been searching for it, now you know where to find it! CLICK HERE

For general soundtrack releases, Fantasy Records put out a 2-disc, 24-karat gold CD of the remastered (and expanded) soundtrack to AMADEUS: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT. You've never heard Mozart like this! GNP Crescendo released Matthew McCauley's score to the Sci-Fi television series "Andromeda", and small-time record label Enjoy Records put out Michael Andrew's moody score to DONNIE DARKO. Virgin Records is putting out a 2-CD set of the film music of Michael Nyman, and Silva Screen Records is putting out a 2-CD set of music from the classic Hammer horror films.

It would be absurd of me not to mention THE biggest soundtrack release this week, and that is of course STAR WARS EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Containing about 73 minutes of John Williams' score, this album is sure to sell like hotcakes. But be warned - given the track record, I wouldn't be at all surprised if somewhere down the line a more complete 2-CD soundtrack release were to pop up.

Tired of sitting around talking to yourself about film music? Don't you wish you could find others like you to yap about the craft with? Well, there are plenty of places you can do just that, and I want to share a few of them with you.

FILMUS-L: This is a moderated email-based mailing list, so it's somewhat archane in that regard, but it still provides a lot of information and interesting discussion regarding classical and modern film music. You can sign up, or check out the web archives, here: CLICK HERE This is a UUNet newsgroup dedicated to film and television. There are plenty of discussions here, but the atmosphere can turn bitter at times.... so be warned!

Filmtracks ScoreBoard Forum: This is a discussion list that is incredibly slow, looks old, and has wide-ranging discussion. I would probably spend more time there if the interface weren't so cumbersome. But still, it does have a lot to offer, and you can feel free to check it out at: CLICK HERE

Film Score Monthly: Yes, FSM has their own message board, and it too is filled with discussions from Herrmann to Horner. The interface is slick, but I'm just not a fan of the layout. Still, you might find something to talk about at: CLICK HERE I'll admit, this it the place I gotta recommend. I know I spend waaaay too much time here for my own good, but the conversations are rather engaging, the community reasonably supportive, the bulletin board interface easy, friendly, and fast, and the moderator doesn't take crap from nobody. CLICK HERE

Tracksounds Dominium: This board doesn't get much traffic, but I think it's worth taking a peek at. Hopefully some of you guys will take it upon yourselves to settle down over there, since the territory is vast and open - and waiting to be occupied. CLICK HERE

That's it for now! If you have anything you feel should be mentioned in this article, feel free to email me. (CLICK HERE TO EMAIL)

Until next time,


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