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First Images from TERMINATOR 3!!! Plus a Set Report!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Looks like Stoney is our man on set for TERMINATOR 3 these past couple of days. Here's his report, wish I had pictures of the Terminatrix!

Dear Harry,

The past couple of evenings, I've been watching the filming of "T-3" aka "York Square" as the crew and security would have you believe.

They have commandeered several blocks in Tujunga, CA (just south of La Canada off the 210 freeway) including the local K-Mart, which has been set up as base camp.

The shooting has mostly been outside what seems to be an animal hospital and an auto parts/garage. No sign of Arnold yet but I have seen the female terminator. She's very tall and lean with slick blonde hair pulled back into a bun and wearing a sort of brick red leather outfit.

The sequences I have seen included one where someone tries to approach her and she basically shoves them 50 feet into a wall. They also did a lot of close-ups of another girl driving a vet hospital truck being attacked in the front seat.

Last night was most eventful though. It took over an hour and a half to rig a big effects scene but the payoff was worth it. A dummy of the female terminator was strapped to the front of an off roading truck. There was a Lexus parked sideways against the vet hospital wall. When cameras rolled, the truck & terminator plowed into the Lexus which rammed into some propane tank causing a huge explosion. The sound and heat wave was intense but the crowd which had been watching across the street went nuts.

I was standing next to a guy who was monitoring what was happening over the walkies. He said he heard them planning earlier in the day for a chase sequence which is to take place tonight. If it's anything of interest, I'll let you know.



Hey folks, Harry here with the first official image from TERMINATOR 3.... oh and a spy pic from LatinoReview.Com which also has an early set report too. Can't wait to hear from you AICNers that attended the shoot. Sounds tres cool! Arnie looks as bad ass as ever. I'm dying to see the Terminatrix in full outfit in this thing. Hoping she's as deadly cool as Arnie or Robert Patrick have been. Here ya go....

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