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HELLBOY movie no longer bathed in red light, now in green... Watch out! It's coming next from Guillermo Del Toro

Harry here... Since September of 1997... nearly 5 years now I've been covering the evolution of this project... Now... After way too fucking long... Mike Mignola's HELLBOY comic has been greenlit to become a Guillermo Del Toro Feature Film!!!!

In August of 1998, Guillermo Del Toro signed on with Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin to write and direct HELLBOY. (Remember This?) Then on my Father's birthday in 1999, I covered the script as well as a Universal trade ad claiming that the film would be out... Summer 2000. (Remember this?) Then the above PRODUCTION ART by Wayne Barlowe was debuted on AICN in June of 1999, along with some Questions and Answers by Guillermo Del Toro! (Remember?) And then we had all the Vin Diesel involvement with Universal and others... And then nearly nothing for quite some time.

Yeah, I know... You don't want a history lesson. You want to know about HELLBOY the movie that has just been greenlit. Ok, all I know (or am gonna tell ya right now) is that the project has been greenlit at the budget Guillermo can make the movie at comfortably. That Ron Perlman will be HELLBOY. That the film is set up with Joe Roth's REVOLUTION FILMS with Patrick Palmer, Mike Richardson, Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin are producing. Guillermo Navarro will be the DP after finishing Tim McCanlies' SECONDHAND LIONS this Fall. They are still working on the deals to get Rick Baker's Cinovation on board to do the make-up. And they are working to sign Tippett Studios to be the primary CG house!!!

I managed to get this confirmed from a source within Variety (expect to see Fleming mentioning this sometime on Monday or Tuesday!) For those of you that didn't care for BLADE 2, you should realize that this is... TONALLY completely different. The script for HELLBOY is 100% Guillermo Del Toro and is tight as can be focusing on the characters of Liz, Abe Sapien and Hellboy... as well as a nice dose of Rasputin and Ilsa and ... Well you Hellboy fans know the characters for the SEED OF DESTRUCTION plotline... Well they're here.

Folks, we'll be all over this project, which I believe Guillermo plans to shoot in Prague beginning this coming Winter! Folks... He was born in Hell and was too cool to stay, now he's coming to a theater near you, me and every geek on the planet.... Hehehehehe, Glory be, tis a great day!

If you know nothing about HELLBOY, shoot yourself or go to HELLBOY.COM and get educated you package of man-flesh (or woman-flesh)!!!

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