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UPDATED: Reports on Ang Lee's HULK movie... not all good...

Hey folks, Harry here... I just got a call from a source/friend inside UNIVERSAL that has seen the script (yes I'm working it). According to him Banner's Father does experiment on himself and passes this practice onto Bruce (ie.. self-experimentation) but this does not result in HULKING out. Now, the report later down on the page by Mr Xtra claims that Bruce doesn't do back and forth transformations is refuted by this MORE TRUSTED source. Apparently... THANKFULLY... he transforms much like he does in the books, very Jekyll and Hyde, but apparently as the film moves forward his anger and control issues grow more and more out of hand resulting in larger and even less human HULKING OUT, but he always reverts eventually back to Banner. So that clarifies two rumors right away. So as you read the following, know that we are on the case attempting to find out all that we can. And Ms. Erection, by all means put that... ahem... document out post haste!

Hey folks, Harry here... Some interesting additional reports have been surfacing on the Ang Lee HULK movie. And some of it has my Spidey Sense going. This first report is very... calm and no bad signs...

Hey Harry!

Long time reader first time contributor...with that out of the way I've some info on the INCREDIBLE HULK for you.

One of the main sets for the film will be located on Treasure Island. In the middle of San Francisco bay sits Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island. YB Island is a natural island but TI is man made. It was made the early part of the last century for the Panama Exhibition and was used a couple years later for the World's Fair. During WWII, the Navy took it over and had control of it until all the military bases were closed in the early to mid 90's. Since that time the Navy has leased TI to the city of San Francisco for housing and other things (fireman's school, Job Corps etc). The old base also has three huge hangers that have been used by Hollywood whenever they film in the Bay Area. Hanger #1 was used for SWEET NOVEMBER and Comedy Central films Battle Bots out there. Hanger #2 was used for six years by NASH BRIDGES and #3 was used for WHAT DREAMS MAY COME (the huge library/lake set) and FLUBBER (the gym for the basketball game).

In the past couple weeks all the signs that say Treasure Island have been coming down and a lot of sprucing up and painting has been done. Today a new sign was put up at the main guard gate that reads FORCE WEST. Also direction signs just inside the guard gate were put up that read things like "Command Center" , "Hospital" and so on. I asked a lady I know that works out there if the changes were for "The Hulk" and she said they were.

The island offers fantastic views of San Francisco as well as both bridges and Alcatraz. Plus it's away from the city so there won't be to many people complaining about the production taking away the already nonexistent parking spaces (which happened a lot when NASH BRIDGES filmed here.

Nothing major as far as info, but I thought you'd like to know.



Ok, now here is the next report... Now you may remember Mr. Xtra's report on the DAREDEVIL costume, which the next day was basically confirmed by Kevin Smith at some University talk where he described the DAREDEVIL costume in the same manner, but he really dug it. Whereas Mr Xtra thought it was a bit weak. Well Mr Xtra came back with a couple of HULK tidbits that are quite disturbing. In fact, they might even lead to infuriating rage disorders... Here ya go...

You probably already heard this, but Ang Lee's Hulk will surely piss off purists (like myself). Banner doesn't transform back and forth as in EVERY OTHER INCARNATION OF THE CHARACTER IN EVERY OTHER MEDIUM!!! Instead, the transformation begins midway through the film and gradually progresses throughout the film until we finally see the completely transformed Hulk in the finale. One of the charms of the Hulk is having a confused and disoriented Bruce Banner wake up amidst crazy destruction in search of clothes. Banner, trying to keep his cool, to contain the savage beast. Where's the payoff in ripping off the FLY remake with a "Brundle-Hulk". Avi Arad is such a dirty w____e.

The Notorious Mr. Xtra

Now you add that with the scoop dished by Corona Coming Attractions that said:

Nolte's character is Dr. David Banner, and that the elder doctor "was also a 'Hulk' along with Bruce."

And suddenly we're looking at not a minor departure... This isn't "The spider is genetically altered and not radiated..." This changes the character at fundamental levels if true.

Now, I've been sitting down here at the house with the Dvd that has Kevin Smith interviewing Stan "The Man" Lee about his part in the creation of the Marvel Universe. In regards to THE HULK he first talks about watching Boris Karloff as the Frankenstein Monster and feeling that he wasn't the monster, but the townspeople with the pitchforks and torches. That he took that and mixed it with his love with DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE and the Hero archtype to create THE HULK. Suddenly it seems that Ang Lee is changing the character to a gradual transformation that doesn't seem Anger triggered, and without the ability for the character to return to normalcy to regret the damage and horror he's inflicted upon others. To be horrified of what is in him. I can't help but remember early on in Ang Lee's attachment to this project where he said to USA TODAY:

''Scientifically, I am doing an academic study on how a cell can expand and how a person can become a Hulk.

''Technically, I am asking myself, 'How do I create the Hulk?' You can't have a big guy, paint him green and put comic book pants on him. The Hulk is not human. He's 9 to 12 feet tall, 1,500 pounds. I guess I'll go with digital (photorealistic animation).

''Culturally, I need to know, 'Why does it work?' On a psychological level, ''Why is he so popular?' ''

Personally, upon reflection upon these statements I think I see a problem with Ang Lee and this material. Right from the get go he doesn't seem to understand the character. Scientifically understanding how a cell can expand is total and utter bullshit. If ya listen to Stan Lee, he says he wouldn't know a gamma ray from an eggplant, it was just a shortcut, a device... the given. Why does it work? Why is he so popular? It probably has to do with power and regret. The ability to wield such power without any control. It is at the base nature of understanding the basic nature of humanity and its potential for destruction. How we each have an id monster inside of us that can lash out. Stan and Jack Kirby just empowered that inner monster to survive and do anything it could to survive. The mixture of the Karloff FRANKENSTEIN Monster, the Lon Chaney WOLFMAN and March's DR. JEKYLL AND MR HYDE created a character with a literary backbone within pop-conciousness.

And if the rumors are true it seems they are completely throwing that out the window. Does that mean the movie will be terrible?

No. Ang Lee is a powerful filmmaker and like Kubrick with THE SHINING he may be making something possibly more affecting upon the silver screen than even was in the source material that inspired it. But folks, I'm dying to get my hands on this script. This is script number one that I want to read. Let me know if you can help!

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