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David Fincher to direct MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3!

Harry here with news which I can't necessarily classify as cool news. David Fincher is in final negotiations to helm the next MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie... The third in the series. Now... call me suspicious, but Fincher doesn't have the best luck in doing 'third in a series' projects. coughALIEN3cough... Of course he was fucked pretty hard on that project coughaskjohnwooaboutmi2cough. coughstuartbairdcough. Of course I'm suuuuure things will be different this time out. Fincher knows more about the studio system. He's a more experienced director right now. The studio is a bit different now. And Fincher is at the top of his game, whereas the other two directors that have taken on the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE franchise haven't necessarily been at the best place in their careers when taking those reins.

The key things that I would like to see happen in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 is that there is a real TEAM... That they all get the job done with Cruise as that leader. That they totally mind fuck their opponent in the end, as well as us. And that Tom Cruise look like Jared Leto at the end of FIGHT CLUB by the time all is said and done in the film. They do all of that, and I'll be a happy camper! heehehehehee, how about you?

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