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DIE ANOTHER DAY set report from the Ice Palace!

Hey folks, Harry here.... Wish ol Condorman here had taken his trusty Bart Simpson Spy Camera! But no matter, he's swooping in with some darn fine observations from the set of DIE ANOTHER DAY! Though I must say, he doesn't know his old Bond films well... the Volcano set was in YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, which I've known many people to confuse with LIVE AND LET DIE, and now that we have DIE ANOTHER DAY... I'm sure we'll get more confusion in 15 years. Well, here's the scoop...

Hello Harry,

Long time reader, first time contributor.

Lots of spoliers.

Today I did some scoping out at Pinewood studios in London. Beautiful part of the world and movie heaven right now with the James Bond film currently taking up nearly the whole studio.

The famous James Bond stage is stuffed to the gills with one of the most remarkable sets ever constructed in history, an Ice Palace belonging to the villain. Made of fake ice this will be a return to the sorely missed "uber-villain" fortress, just like the Volcano in "Live and Let Die" and the tanker in "The Spy whom loved me". The palace is also full of "ice" furniture and a beautiful sculpted ice bed for Halle Berrys character who is now in Spain shooting. Might be a little cold on the posterior though!

Bond will also be escaping in the final moments of the movie by driving his car through the side of the fortress, in an amazing stunt. The exterior of the fortress is currently being made on the backlot of Pinewood.

Aparently the Koreans are now the focus having taken over from the Russians as the opposition. Before the exterior ice fortress set was erected, a concentration camp had been on the backlot. From what I can piece together, in the movies opening sequence Bond is dressed as a tramp and gets into a secret camp in disguise, before the enemy scans him with a device looking for secret weapons. I don't know how the surfing fits in which has been widely reported as being part of that sequence. There are lots of new gadgets and the producers are keen to make this an event movie, after "World is not enough" didn't do quiet as well as usual at the box-office. I think they are succeeding!

You may call me "Condorman".

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