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Who are the English Voices on the dub version of Miyazaki's SPIRITED AWAY'

Harry here... Can DISNEY figure out how to make a brilliant film appeal to the populace of the United States? Well, we know that a certain Pixar Genius is personally supervising the 'English-version' of SPIRITED AWAY with Miyazaki's watchful gaze... Can they pull it off? Can the biggest film in the history of Japan conquer the United States, or is this country only interested in American culture stories? GOD I HOPE NOT. I want this to clean up. Let's pray. In the meanwhile, here's the voices that they're working with....


The actors doing the voiceovers for "Spirited Away" are Daveigh Chase as the little girl Chihiro,

Jason Marsden as the boy Haku,

David Ogden Stiers as the Boiler Room Man,

Suzanne Pleshette as the Twin Witches,

Lauren Holly as Mom,

Michael Chiklis as Dad,

Susan Egan as Lin,

and John Ratzenberger as the Bathhouse Manager.

Let's hope Disney can figure out how to distribute this one. Don't get your hopes up though.

I worked for Disney Feature Animation for years - it's just getting worse over there. Nothing but horror stories from my pals at Feature Animation.

Sorry to report that part.



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