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AICN SCORES - News About The World of Soundtracks #1

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm a score fetishist... My CD and Vinyl collection runs seeming miles, but with all the work I do here at AICN, I rarely have time to write up the comings and goings of Scores and Soundtracks that are coming and going.... That's where the mangod known as Dan Goldwasser from the supreme Soundtrack.Net comes in. He's going to be coming out with a bi-weekly column about Soundtrack news that you'll be able to check out here on AICN!!! In addition, I'll be trying my best to comment on the scores below that I have. For example... The LOGAN'S RUN, LUST FOR LIFE and DAY OF THE DEAD scores are fantastic score cds. Ever since I've turned 30 I've been dying for a LOGAN'S RUN cd, so I have music to renew by. Rozsa's score for LUST FOR LIFE is incredibly vibrant and vital. What music! Then DAY OF THE DEAD... hehehe... I put this on over at Sister Satan's house and watched as my nephew Kublakhan began getting a concerned creeped out look on his face... hehehehe, baby torture music! We played this on Easter, great Easter music! I don't have the other releases mentioned, but I can't wait to hear them. Scores always play here at Geek Headquarters... around the clock!

Hey folks,

Dan Goldwasser from SoundtrackNet here, to tell you a little bit about some recent film score releases you might not have been aware about.

First up, the ever-busy folks over at Film Score Montly have just released an expanded and remastered edition of the Jerry Goldsmith's science fiction classic, LOGAN'S RUN. Couple that with their release of Miklos Rozsa's amazing score to LUST FOR LIFE about Van Gogh, and you're already out $40. But I'm just getting started. (Each CD is a limited release of 3,000 each.) FilmScoreMonthly.Com

A new record label, Numenorean Music, has put out John Harrison's score to George Romero's zombie flick, DAY OF THE DEAD. A slew of bonus tracks are laden with sound effects, but hey - the rest of the stuff isn't too bad. (Limited and numbered to 3,000) NumenoreanMusic.Com

Specialty label Percepto Records has released Bruce Broughton's emotional score to THE BOY WHO COULD FLY (limited release of 500!), as well as the chilling moody score to THE CHANGELING (limited release of 1,000), composed by Rick Wilkins, Ken Wannberg, and Howard Blake. Percepto.Com

Varese Sarabande, continuing their reborn Varese CD Club line of limited releases, puts out a triple punch: DIE HARD (Michael Kamen), LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING (Alfred Newman) and THE LONG, HOT SUMMER / SANCTUARY. Again, these releases are in limited quantity. VareseSarabande.Com

Belgium-based Prometheus Records is continuing their club releases as well, with an expanded release of Basil Poledouris' pounding score to Paul Verhoeven's battle film, FLESH + BLOOD. It's got the same stuff as the old Varese Club release, but with a whole bunch of new tracks at the end - definitely worth checking out. Also, John Scott's score to THE FINAL COUNTDOWN is also available.

Finally, in terms of specialty releases, Intrada Records is putting out Henry Mancini's score to the Gene Wilder / Richard Pryor comedy, SILVER STREAK. I can't wait for that one!

In addition to those special releases, a bunch of other soundtracks just hit the stores. John Williams' award-winning score to E.T.: THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL has been remastered and expanded (3 extra tracks) from the 1996 re-issue, and is available from MCA Records. A Michael Nyman compilation (2-CDs) is avilable from Virgin Records. John Debney's score to DRAGONFLY, Cliff Eidelman's score to HARRISON'S FLOWERS, and Jeff & Mychael Danna's score to GREEN DRAGON are all available on Varese Sarabande.

Looking for a peek at John Debneys epic score to THE SCORPION KING? Go check it out at his website: JohnDebney.Com

Of special note is a 2-CD complete score release to Miklos Rozsa's epic religious work, KING OF KINGS. It's out on Rhino Records, and is something everyone should seriously think about looking into.

A small personal note: congratulations to Howard Shore and Randy Newman for their Academy Awards. It's about damn time.

Until next time,


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