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Wanna see what Obi Wan could look like in Episode 3'

Harry here.... WOW. I mean, just WOW. Now this is some damn fine character make up, or something. That's just eerie. UGH... Dying to see EPISODE 3. DYING. BTW, there is a 'draft' of the ATTACK OF THE CLONES drifting around online at the moment. Do not read this and judge and anticipate this as being the film coming soon to a theater near you. THere are MASSIVE differences. Action scenes that are not included in that draft, character moments, tons of dialogue... Basically it has the structure right, and sometimes the scenes are exact, but there seems to be great amounts of 'filler' that just isn't anywhere near the final film. ANYWHERE NEAR. Meanwhile, check this out.... Is this post Anakin / Obi Wan fight? If that even exists? I don't know, but I like it!

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