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Fox's DAREDEVIL Press Release...

Hey folks, Harry here with a press release announcing Principal Photography for DAREDEVIL. Now the race is on to get a shot of Ben Affleck in the horn head duds. Or of Duncan as Kingpin... Or Garner as Elektra... pant pant pant... The script was amazing... the storyboards for the action was hardcore, brutal and bloody. Does this film have the guts that it started life with? Will FOX have the cajones to make a balls to the wall Frank Miller style Daredevil adventure? Let's pray. Here's the announcement....

Monday March 25, 8:20 pm Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Twentieth Century Fox Films

Principal Photography Begins on DAREDEVIL

LOS ANGELES--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--March 25, 2002--Principal photography has begun on the action-adventure thriller DAREDEVIL, starring Ben Affleck, and written & directed by Mark Steven Johnson. The film will shoot entirely on location in Los Angeles, and is scheduled for release on January 17, 2003.

Regency Enterprises and Twentieth Century Fox are bringing Marvel's legendary comic hero -- known as the Man Without Fear -- to the big screen. Attorney Matt Murdock is blind, but his other four senses function with superhuman sharpness. By day, Murdock represents the downtrodden. At night, he is Daredevil, a masked vigilante stalking the dark streets of the city, a relentless avenger of justice.

DAREDEVIL stars Ben Affleck (the upcoming ``The Sum of All Fears,'' ``Pearl Harbor,''), Jennifer Garner (``Alias''), Michael Clarke Duncan (``The Green Mile''), Colin Farrell (``Hart's War''), Jon Favreau (``Made''), Joe Pantoliano (``The Matrix''), David Keith (``Behind Enemy Lines'') and newcomer Scott Terra (the upcoming ``Eight Legged Freaks'').

DAREDEVIL is written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson (``Simon Birch''), produced by Gary Foster (``The Score'') and Avi Arad (``X-Men''), and executive produced by Kevin Feige (``X-Men'') and Bernie Williams (``The Score'').

The behind-the-scenes team includes director of photography Ericson Core (``The Fast and the Furious''), production designer Barry Chusid (``Blade'' art director), three-time Oscar®-winning costume designer James Acheson (the upcoming ``Spider-Man''), visual effects supervisor Rich Thorne (``Behind Enemy Lines''), Academy Award®- nominated editor Dennis Virkler (``The Fugitive,'' ``The Hunt For Red October'') and legendary action director Cheung-Yan Yuen (``Charlie's Angels,'' ``Iron Monkey'').

``Daredevil: The Man Without Fear'' debuted in Marvel Comics' Daredevil #1 in 1964. Created by comics legend Stan Lee, Daredevil has endured as one of the most popular comic book heroes of all time and remains one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe.

Ben Affleck stars in the title role. He will next be seen starring in ``Changing Lanes,'' opposite Samuel L. Jackson, ``The Sum of All Fears'' as the Tom Clancy hero Jack Ryan, and in Martin Brest's ``Gigli,'' opposite Jennifer Lopez. Affleck's other film credits include ``Pearl Harbor,'' ``Armageddon,'' ``Shakespeare in Love,'' ``Forces of Nature,'' ``Dogma,'' ``Boiler Room,'' ``Reindeer Games,'' ``Bounce'' and ``Chasing Amy.'' In 1998, he won both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for his first script, ``Good Will Hunting,'' which he co-wrote with Matt Damon.

Jennifer Garner stars as martial arts femme fatale Elektra Natchios, Matt Murdock's new love interest and the daughter of a powerful Greek business tycoon. Garner recently received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series for her performance as Sydney Bristow on ABC's ``Alias.'' Garner's film credits include ``Pearl Harbor'' (co-starring with Ben Affleck), ``Dude, Where's My Car?,'' ``Mr. Magoo,'' ``Deconstructing Harry,'' ``1999'' and ``Washington Square.''

Michael Clarke Duncan stars as Wilson Fisk, a massively muscled underworld figure. Duncan will next be seen opposite The Rock in ``The Scorpion King,'' and in the fantasy ``George and the Dragon'' with Patrick Swayze. Duncan was nominated for an Academy Award® for his performance opposite Tom Hanks in ``The Green Mile.'' His film credits also include ``Planet of the Apes,'' ``Armageddon,'' ``The Whole Nine Yards,'' ``See Spot Run,'' ``Bulworth,'' ``The Player's Club,'' ``A Night At The Roxbury'' and his film debut, ``Friday.''

Colin Farrell is Bullseye, a psychotic and ruthless assassin with perfect aim. Dublin native Farrell will soon be seen starring in ``The Farm'' with Al Pacino, Joel Schumacher's ``Phone Booth,'' and ``Minority Report'' with Tom Cruise. His film credits also include ``Hart's War,'' ``American Outlaws'' and ``Tigerland,'' for which he won the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor.

Jon Favreau is Franklin `Foggy' Nelson, Matt Murdock's lifelong friend and law partner. A versatile actor, writer, producer and director, Favreau is best known for having written and starred in ``Swingers'' and ``Made,'' which he also directed. His feature film acting credits include ``The Replacements,'' ``Very Bad Things,'' ``Deep Impact,'' ``Batman Forever,'' ``PCU,'' ``Rudy,'' ``Hoffa'' and ``Folks.''

Joe Pantoliano is Urich, an investigative reporter hot on the trail of the biggest story of his career: the secret behind the Man Without Fear. Pantoliano is perhaps best known for his roles in ``The Matrix,'' ``Memento'' and ``The Fugitive.'' Recently, he played a memorable recurring role on ``The Sopranos.''

David Keith is Matt Murdock's single father, beleaguered prizefighter Jack `The Devil' Murdock. Keith's film credits include the upcoming ``The Stick Up'' with James Spader, and ``Sabretooth,'' as well as recent films ``Behind Enemy Lines,'' ``U-571'' and ``Men of Honor.'' David's seventy-plus film projects began with his debut in ``The Rose'' with Better Midler, and include appearances in ``The Great Santini,'' ``Brubaker,'' ``An Officer and a Gentleman,'' ``Independence Day,'' ``The Lords of Discipline,'' ``Firestarter,'' ``White of the Eye,'' ``Heartbreak Hotel,'' ``Major League II,'' and ``The Indian in the Cupboard,'' among others.

Relative newcomer Scott Terra plays Matt Murdock at age twelve. Terra will soon be seen in the film ``Eight Legged Freaks.'' His film credits also include ``The Perfect Nanny,'' ``Redemption of the Ghost,'' ``Ground Zero'' and ``Shadrach.''

Mark Steven Johnson (Director/Writer) made his directorial debut in 1998 with ``Simon Birch,'' which he also scripted based on the John Irving novel, ``A Prayer for Owen Meany.'' As a screenwriter, Johnson is best known for his hit pictures ``Grumpy Old Men'' and the sequel, ``Grumpier Old Men,'' starring screen legends Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ann-Margret and Sophia Loren. His other screenplays include ``Big Bully,'' starring Rick Moranis and Tom Arnold, and ``Jack Frost,'' starring Michael Keaton.

Gary Foster (Producer) produced the Oscar and Golden Globe- nominated hit ``Sleepless in Seattle,'' which grossed in excess of $300 million worldwide. He most recently produced ``The Score,'' starring Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Marlon Brando. His film producing credits include ``Tin Cup,'' ``Gloria,'' ``Desperate Measures,'' ``Big Bully,'' ``Short Circuit,'' ``Short Circuit 2,'' ``The Amazing Panda Adventure,'' and co-produced ``Just Cause.'' In 1997, Foster partnered with writer/director Mark Steven Johnson to form Horseshoe Bay Productions, a full-service company designed to develop, write, produce and direct motion pictures.

Avi Arad (Producer) is the President and CEO of Marvel Studios. Arad works with many of Hollywood's most prestigious directors, writers, producers and studio executives, carefully supervising the transition of Marvel characters to live-action and animated feature films. His film producing and executive producing credits include the upcoming ``Spider-Man,'' ``The Hulk,'' ``Blade II,'' ``X-Men 2,'' as well as recent films ``X-Men'' and ``Blade.'' His animated television series credits include ``Spider-Man,'' ``X-Men,'' ``The Incredible Hulk,'' ``Spider Man Unlimited,'' ``Avengers'' and ``Mutant X.''

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