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Dash101 reviews John Williams' ATTACK OF THE CLONES score

Hey folks, Harry here... Well due to the wonders of the Internet... The score for ATTACK OF THE CLONES seems to be spreading like a virus all over the net, and the reviews are coming in. The first seemed to pop up over at TheForce.Net with others popping up all over the place. Personally I still prefer the scores to the original trilogy to this one, though I prefer this score to THE PHANTOM MENACE. Dash101 loves this thing a heaping load. I like it, particularly the love theme... which still reminds me of a more elegant HULK tv show theme (which I mean in a good way... I like that show, though why they called him David Banner I'll never know!) Here's Dash101... psst... Dash, check out the score to DR ZHIVAGO.... you might modify your estimation of romance theme here....


I've posted a couple times and I'm glad I have further information to share. CAUTION: Some Spoilers.


Let me first say that this is an incredible peice of work. There is already discussion that it the most incredible acheivment for a motion picture score ever.

It's hard not to agree.

01 - MainTitle And Ambush On Coruscant

Missing the Fox Fanfare. And that is pretty much the only halfway negative thing I can say here.

Very interesting bridge. It will strike you as very 'Return of the Jedi' esk. It has a very dark edge. Williams does a FANTASTIC job of setting up the scene for the attempted murder on Padme's life.

02 - AcrossTheStars (Love Theme)

This is the biggest suprised for me actually. Probably the single best love theme I have ever heard, (it rivals Han and Leia).

A very passionate but dark theme, it crishendos almost like a waltz. Brilliant!!

03 - Zam The Assassin And The Chase Through Coruscant

Yeah, this is alot of fun. Williams uses a very similar (almost Jurrasic park type of sound here). One interesting note is his addition of an electric guitar.

For what it does, it works extreamly well. I wouldnt go so far as to say it's asteriod chase good, but it works well.

04 - Yoda And The Younglings

This track is almost like a Robin Hood or Hook. So gental and sweet. It's quite a treat to hear. Very very atmospheric. Its strange too because this has a Love Theme rift in it and the two work soooo well together. And YES FOLKS! The original The ! Force/Skywalker theme is IN IT!!! Old school!

05 - Departing Coruscant

THIS track.. Aaahhh This track! Again with the Force/Skywalker theme. By this point in the soundtrack, your heart should be filled with a glee unlike you've felt for a long long time.

06 - Anakin And Padme

Actually this track is so much like Harry Potter it's scary. Very reminisent to a time long ago. It uses the Love theme quite heavily through out.

07 - Jangos Escape

Ok... Its' hard to tell you what this sounds like because I can't recall another SW track like this one. This track is loud and all over the place. Alot of fun (drums and all).

08 - The Meadow Picnic

Much like Anakin and Padme, this uses alot of Love Theme and will work very very well as what it was inteaded. Suplimental music.

09 - Bounty Hunters Hot Pursuit

I don't know where Williams decided to eat lunch the day he wrote this, but I've love to tear apart his food to see if it was spiked with anything.


He uses a theme already heard in Naboo (Episode I) and goes and does this completley new string rift. Very nice. You'll love the Trade Federation March in this.. mooooohahaha!

10 - Return To Tatooine

If any track reminds me of Return of the Jedi, it's this one. I'll say only this about it: Lars Homestead meets Endor.

11 - The Tusken Camp And TheHomestead

There is something about this track and I'm having a problem figuring out. Its soooo familiar and calm. And yet I can't figure it out. Love the EMPERIAL THEME!!! .. its quite but obvious!!... SOO EVIL!!... GOD I need a kleenex.

12 - Love Pledge And The Arena

A combination of Love Theme, Duel of the Fates, Federation March and just all around KICK ASS. ... Amazing!!..

13 - Confrontation With Count Dooku And Finale

Ok, pull up a damn chair! We got alot of doooooling to do. In this final track, Williams uses an incredible selection of themes from the Original Series and the new.

Folks, I can't tell you how freaking great this last track is. Sort of a mix between Episode One, Episode V and Episode VI.


I have heard little that can compaire.. This is incredible!! ....

And with that, I'm out.

- DASH101

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