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ROBOGEEK Has DUNE Casting Exclusive!!

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Would Tim Robbins' girl do a "Dune" mini? Read on....

Greetings, spice-a-holics! ROBOGEEK here, taking a break from this year's SXSW (CQ rules, btw) to share a genuine scoop that just crossed the Robo-wire...

Apparently the SciFi Channelis on the verge of a casting coup, as they're closing a deal with Oscar winner Susan Sarandon to play Lady Jessica in CHILDREN OF DUNE, the sequel to their hit 2000 DUNE mini-series. The six-hour follow-up will combine the second and third DUNE novels (Dune Messiah and Children of Dune), and will air early next year. (Shooting begins next month in Prague.)

In other CHILDREN OF DUNE casting news, I've also been informed that the (now adult) Princess Alia will be played by Daniela Lunkewitz. Who, you ask? Well, it turns out she's none other than the mysterious "perfect unknown Greek actress" who was up for the role of Elektra in DAREDEVIL, as reported by Harry back in November and December. (You may recall that the powers-that-be at Fox didn't have the balls to cast an unknown in the role - a la Hugh Jackman in X-MEN - and went with Jennifer Garner instead.)

Anyway, here's what she looks like. Ponder what might have been - and what will be...

- Robogeek

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