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Casting News For CHILDREN OF DUNE!!

Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab.

I'm not really following the whole behind the scenes process on this upcoming sequel to Sci-Fi Channel's successful DUNE adaptation, but many, many fans obviously are, and here's the latest story to set them all abuzz:


This is Baron Moritani from the Landsraad Dune fan site. I have important news for Frank Herbert's Children of Dune fans:

Dune miniseries Duncan Idaho, James Watson has notified The Landsraad that he will be replaced as Duncan Idaho in Children of Dune Miniseries!

Full Coverage AT THIS LINK!!

Here is the email Mr. James Watson sent to Landsraad manager, PA_66:


It's with great disappointment that I inform you and The Landsraad, that I will not be returning to the role of Duncan Idaho. The new head of the Scifi Channel has decided that he wants an American actor to continue in the role. So they are recasting. John Harrison and David Kappes fought for me, but that's network politics.


I wanted you and the Dune fans at your fine website to know about this.

Please pass this on to your viewership:

Join the Landsraad petition to recast Mr. James Watson as Duncan Idaho

Email Scifi Channel Here!!

You can also post a complaint HERE!!

Thanks Moriarity!

You can also read an interview we previously had with Mr. Watson HERE!!

Thanks for the heads-up, Baron!

"Moriarty" out.

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