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Reinhart looks at the nearly 4 Minute Trailer For LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS!!! WAY COOL!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... This is the first report I've seen anywhere on the trailer that New Line has decided to freaking bless us with on the tail end of FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, come the end of this month or next... How do I know this report isn't total malarky? Well the same source sent me some rather cool stuff at NEW LINE in regards to a film I've been trying to get more info on called SECONDHAND LIONS. SECONDHAND LIONS is a screenplay by Tim McCanlies (who wrote THE IRON GIANT) and I've heard that it is moving at New Line, but I can't get Tim to talk about it with me, as he's playing all coy with me this time out. But Reinhart here sent me the script last week and told me that the script has recently been sent to Ian McKellen!!!! I'm about to read it, more on that later... But right now... Now I want to talk about this TWO TOWERS trailer.

Reinhart called me tonight excited as hell, apparently he'd just seen the damn thing and had to cry about how friggin cool it was. He went on and on, but I asked him to just write it all out to dish out to all of us. 4 minutes of TWO TOWERS footage... well, nearly 4 minutes. I'm so thankful that this isn't some fucking 2 minute or even worse the 1 minute teaser crap that would make going to see this film again anti-climatic. New Line has been so frickin the bomb recently with LORD OF THE RINGS, and obviously they know how to keep fans like us drooling and being the happy little farts that we are.

Remember that first extra long internet trailer they made just for us... This is just like that, and Bob Shaye and all those guys are just to be commended for serving us what we want... of course what we really want is TWO TOWERS on July 4th... um, make that February 4th, um I mean February 3rd. Heheheh... Reinhart tried to hum some of the new music, but he's an atonal lil cretin... but I love ya buddy! (that's me hoping for my preview copy of the super FOTR dvd months early! hehehe!) Well, till we see this nearly 4 minute beauty, here's the meanest muther in New Line's world...

Hey Harry, your pal Reinhart here. You may remember me, the beast who names the rose, ha ha ha. Or you may remember that I called you this afternoon and in the past have sent you some goodies you requested. Well I am back with THE NEWS YOU ARE CRAVING!!!!

Prepare to turn green with envy, after you read this people are gonna think you just walked off Ang Lee's set, my hulking friend.

I have just seen a version (not sure if its the final one or even if its PJ's) of the Two Towers trailer New Line is going to be adding onto the end of the Fellowship!!!!!

It runs at nearly four minutes and all I can say is the scale of this one makes Fellowship look like a trip to Austin, (no offense - but the landscape don't change there buddy) Having said that it starts small on a shot of Aragorn picking up I think it is the leaf Merry drops ... but then it gets racing!

This is from memory and one viewing so I can only give impressions. Gandalf the White is in!!!! I was worried they'd try and hide the fact that he returns but oh my God - what a transformation. Except for the eyes McKellen looks nothing like Gandalf the Grey even his voice is changed (they use some dialogue which I don't know if it's in the books or not but is setting up the Two Towers title). I recognized some of the music from Fellowship but I think some of it may be new! They show all the new characters and the one that most impressed me was Bernard Hill (again huge relief because Theoden son of Thengel has to be the greatest character as yet unseen). They use a poem from him over a collection of shots that gave me the chills.

You see Uruks that look like they're at the start of the Helms Deep battle, and at least 3 shots of the real battle. It looks just as I imagined from the book, but the shots I saw had unfinished FX, but should be incredible. Arwen is seen. And Eowyn, who does some mean swings with a sword. There was a quick shot of Pippin on a tree that I think was Treebeard or some other Ent, but the shot was unfinished again.

Lots of shots of Viggo as they seem to be setting up the whole King thing and not so many of Frodo and Sam but what is there looks incredible. Elijah Wood has aged which is impossible to believe but true, he looks like he's disintegrating before your eyes.

I know everyone will want to know about Gollum and I don't want to give the ending away because it is so cool but let me just say have faith. What I saw look to be unfinished footage but I have faith that Weta is not about to drop the ball on this one and the voice -- the voice does it for me every time "the thieves, the filthy little thieves!!!!!" This is it! I watched it and I can't believe it is happening. It ain't over. PJ fucking rocks!!!!!

BTW, Guillermo Del Toro has just reshot two new amazing little character moments including one in a helicopter and man -- it just gets the juices flowing!

Harry, I leave you with one last thought .....

Can you blush? hehehe Remember that!


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