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Tickets for the Museum of Television’s William S. Paley Festival went on sale to museum members Saturday morning.

The Museum of What? The William S. Who?

Okay. Say you love “Futurama.” Say you got a chance to see the best two episodes of “Futurama” ever (with an audience as enthused about the show as you are), and then got to see and hear the show’s writers and actors spend an hour or two answering questions about it afterwards.

This is what the Paley Fest is. It’s one of the funnest things ever. Even the salutes to the cruddy shows are great entertainment. (I first laid eyes on my great friend Harry Knowles at this event a couple of years ago, and Knowlesy claims to disdain all things televised.)

Here’s this year’s Paley lineup:
  • Feb. 26 An Evening with Cristina Saralegui
  • Feb. 27 An Evening with Martin Short
  • Feb. 28 Futurama
  • March 1 The Bernie Mac Show
  • March 1 The Daily Show
  • March 2 Queer as Folk
  • March 4 Undeclared
  • March 5 Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • March 6 A Salute to Fred Allen
  • March 7 St. Elsewhere
  • March 8 Scrubs
  • March 9 Six Feet Under
  • March 11 Alias
  • March 12 King of Queens

All events are held at the Directors Guild of American Theatre in Los Angeles. I’m told that as of 7 p.m. Saturday none of the events were sold out. (But this could change by the time tickets go on sale to non-members next week.)

Here’s some Coax recaps of the “Survivor” and “Angel” events from last year’s Paley festival.

More details of this year’s William S. Paley Television Festival can be found here.

I am – Hercules!!

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