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Spielberg confirms GOONIES 2 plus tidbits on INDY 4!!!

Harry here and this sounds pretty darn cool. In other GOONIES news, the Alamo Drafthouse and me are planning an underground cave screening of GOONIES! And I'll let you know more as soon as it gets here... Till then here's the latest on the sequel, plus INDIANA JONES 4 news...


A fellow filmmaker friend of mine attends USC film school. You may have heard of a class they teach there called "Spielberg Style". Well, last week Mr Spielberg himself was invited to the class for an hour and a half of Q and A.

He tackled many questions about his past films... technique and such. But what sparked my interest was a question regarding the Goonies. Someone asked about a sequel, and he did in fact CONFIRM that a sequel was in pre-pre production... meaning that it is in development with Spielberg involved (executive producing again) and ALL cast members returning. The story would have their children dabbling in adventures ALONG with their parents. He didn't elaborate too much on the story... just confirming that the sequel was in the works and WOULD BE MADE.

With Spielberg involved in the sotry I would believe that this could be something more than just a fan dream. I believe we could have a fun adventure maybe with the parents (original cast) searching for their kids that have gone on some type of adventure.

Spielberg also commented on INDY 4 saying that they do NOT have a script, but DO have a story. Harrison has in fact agreed to star. And despite rumors, Lucas IS involved just as much as he was with the other films. It's Lucas' story idea, and they just need a screenwriter to develop it even more. He does have a title but will not give it out.

When will it be made? No comment. Lucas is busy with the prequels ofcourse. But don't let ANY rumors go around that Lucas will not be there with Steven just as he was with the original Indys. Spielberg laughed and stated, "The guys my best friend and this is his character... OFCOURSE he's involved!"

So I assume we'll have to wait a bit for this story. Perhaps during post preduction of SW3??

If you want to verify this, just call USC and confirm his visit and the class. Just to keep those whiny talkbackers on a leash.



P.S. - Folks, to the talkbacker below that attended the class... when you said that I should be ashamed of sending this information when Spielberg requested it not be posted anywhere, understand that I had received this information from a fellow filmmaker and was not aware of such a request from Spielberg.

The last thing I want to do is effect USC students' chances of having another Q/A with Mr. Spielberg, or effect the information that he decides to share with them in confidence. While I stand by my decision to get this info out (Had no idea about the request), it would be unprofessional of me to ignore this issue now that I know about his request.

So Mr. Spielberg, I know you read this. Your students had nothing to do with this! But understand that your fans of Goonies and Indy anticipate these films and are hungry for ANY information. Hype will only help right? I just have one request.... PLEASE do commentaries on your DVD releases!!! Don't think of it as hokey or distracting for your fans. People like me who are struggling to be the best filmmaker they can be can learn A LOT from your words. Fans will love your sharing of your experiences and future filmmakers will love and respect your insight (be it technical or artistic) into how you made some of the most beloved and respected films of all time.

Oh, and make sure you sign on with Cruise to do GHOST SOLDIERS! Yep, Cruise and Mr. Spielberg may reunite once again!

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