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Harry here, some mornings are just weird as all hell. I talked to Moriarty yesterday, who has read the ATTACK OF THE CLONES script at a sources' abode Saturday Night. He was very very happy with the script. Loved the introduction of Jar Jar Binks, the last scene of young Boba Fett and felt that the revisions made to the script, in terms of the material Lucas has shot as part of the re-shoots, were exceptional decisions. When I asked him what didn't he like? He stated that he personally would have prefered less romance and more with Obi Wan and Christopher Lee's character, but at the same time he was suprised by how much Dooku was in the actual script.

His favorite action scene as described seemed to be a scene with Mace Windu and Jango Fett, especially as it has been modified. I don't want to say more, because I'm sure Moriarty will fill all of you in with his next Rumbling at some point... And why am I telling you this at all, and why isn't Mori's review up?

Apparently this morning, Moriarty was whisked to a hospital with chest pains and breathing problems. I talked to his girlfriend, who was shook, but said Moriarty was in a cantankerous state... filled with cussing frustration at what was going on. I've yet to hear an update on his condition, but I did see that DARK HORIZONS posted a review from someone calling themselve 'Ali'. The review has spoilers for the set up and mild 'late-film' spoilers, but is quite positive in regards to the film.

God willing, Moriarty will be back and able to finish his report in the next couple of days, till then read this excellent review:


MORIARTY IS ALIVE AND TIRED AS HELL!!! The Hospital Said he had no heart to attack. Apparently his pnuemonia had complications and he is going to be ok.... well he's still Moriarty... but he's cool and resting. To wish him well call 323 851 6038 or email at here

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