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Pics from the set of SPY KIDS 2!!! PLUS The Truth About Viggo and MADMAN!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. First let's deal with that rumor that Viggo Mortensen has been signed to play MADMAN in the Robert Rodriguez film of Mike Allred's awesome character. Well, the second I got that rumor from the French version of PEOPLE magazine, I sent of an e-mail to Rodriguez to find out.... what the hell. Then, because I didn't know if Robert had access to mail because as far as I knew he was in Costa Rica shooting some exteriors for SPY KIDS 2... I went ahead and ran with the story out of that French magazine.

Now, what's interesting was that after Mike Allred saw LORD OF THE RINGS he apparently wrote Robert an email suggesting Viggo as Frank, but as of yet Robert hasn't decided which film will be going next after SPY KIDS 2 and ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO. Robert said he read the article, leaned back, closed his eyes and said to himself, "ahhh, what if I could really move that fast... what if..."

So where did the French PEOPLE get the news? No telling, wasn't official, perhaps someone connected with Allred whispered to them and didn't relay that it was just an idea. Whatever the case, Viggo's name is just a thought in the folks' minds that are planning the film.

Meanwhile, unknown to Rodriguez, a tiny Spy Kid named Grumpy, one of our AICN SPIES JUNIOR DIVISION: CODENAME: THE DWARFS was out on recon near Marble Falls when they stumbled across the Top Secret SPY KIDS Tree House Fortress of Solitude! So, at some point.... WE NOW KNOW THERE IS A TREEHOUSE IN SPY KIDS 2!!!! Wooo hooooo!!!! Let's hear it for the AICN SPIES JUNIOR DIVISION: CODENAME: THE DWARFS: AGENT -- GRUMPY! He even cracked the code to open the door! However, apparently various security devices kept him from ascending. I've sent him back there with DOC and DOPEY to crack that security and get us the goods! But for now, here's Grumpy....


I was camping with a few friends out near Marble Falls, Texas this weekend, and the private campground we stayed at turned out to also be one of the shooting locations for Spy Kids 2. They shot some scenes there in December, and will be returning in the spring for a few more. I have attached some pictures of the treehouse set that they constructed there.


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