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Wahlberg tells of his future with Paul Thomas Anderson!!!

Harry here, and personally I would absolutely love to see either of the two projects that Wahlberg is talking about here.... The Musical or the Action Exploitation film. These can't go into production soon enough!

Hey Harry,

Just read that Paul Thomas Anderson will be writting and directing a musical that he's writing. He'll most likely be doing it with Mark Whalberg.

Check it out.


UK's Hotdog Magazine has an interview with Mark Wahlberg in their January 2002 issue. He talks a bit about a possible upcoming musical project with PTA as well as the Sandler/PTA project.

Hotdog - Jordan Riefe: What about a Musical?

MW: Actually, me and Paul Thomas Anderson have discussed it at length. Just a matter of finding the right thing. He's actually writing one, which is going to be crazy, a Paul Thomas Anderson musical. A lot of cocaine.

Hotdog: This isn't his next film, the Adam Sandler one?

MW: No, this is a kind of like a weird action drama thing he wrote. Kind of like the Chest and Brock movie, the characters we came up with in Boogie Nights, but a real, full-blown action feature with these guys running around crazy.

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