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Added New Images from LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. Well at the end of the below link you'll find a grainy too dot-patterned pic from THE TWO TOWERS. New Line willing we'll see a pair of good clean images of these, but ultimately there isn't too much to see. It is a tight shot at Helm's Deep, so you don't get any real sense of scale, though you can begin to see and appreciate the look of the Rohans. Then there is another shot which is tight on Frodo's face, with a large human hand on his shoulder. Is this when Faramir and crew capture Frodo and Sam? Is there another moment in TWO TOWERS where Frodo and Sam come in contact with Humans? I can't remember off the top of my head. But I just want to see a full on shot of Helm's Deep in all its glory! Oh and Shelob would be nice, nahhh, I wanna see Shelob on the big screen the first time... so if anyone who has access to a 35mm print of TWO TOWERS, please send it to... just kidding.. WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T SEND ME A 35mm PRINT OF THE TWO TOWERS RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND!!!! DON'T DO IT!!! I'M WARNING YOU!!! DON'T DO IT!!! PLEASE DON'T DO IT THIS VERY SECOND!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Now go check out the pics at TheOneRing.Net...

Click Here To See The Photos!!!!

Here's Wormtongue played by CHUCKY!!!!

Here's Theoden played by Bernard Hill aka the Captain of the TITANIC and a wonderfully warm soul that slid down a fire pole for his birthday party in 2000!!!

Here's Faramir played by the most beautiful man on Earth according to an Australian magazine, David Wenham...

Here's Eowyn played by the droolilicious Miranda Otto!!! Pant pant pant pant!!!

Here's Eomer played by Karl Urban who understands the price above milk! You should see the movie where he has sex in milk. Very surreal flick!

Here's Denethor played by John Noble. Right now you know nothing about this man, but I've seen him playing Denethor, he will chill you to your pinky toes!!!

And now these:

Cleolinda again (you may remember me from a LOTR Day report two or three months back). Well, my site's news page (Click Here) just posted three pics tonight--Theoden, Eomer, and (a slightly larger version, just for you) Eowyn--I scanned from the back of the new Return of the King movie cover.

I swear I have not seen these anywhere online, which is odd since the book's been out a long time, but my only theory is that the people who know enough about LOTR to know that these pictures are cool had long-cherished copies of the books and didn't need to buy new ones. But after the middle 30 pages of my Two Towers fell out, I got a new trilogy set for my birthday last month, and--voila! (Yes, I checked the backs of FOTR and ROTK. Nothing revolutionary there.)

Bottom line, thought you might be interested--it's the first good pic of Eowyn I've seen aside from that official-site headshot. Enjoy.


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