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You know the casting is close, but I've heard who has been cast as ELEKTRA in DAREDEVIL!

Hey folks, Harry here... This past Friday the word got out that Avi Arad went on E! and announced that they had cast the part of ELEKTRA in DAREDEVIL. He didn't mention the name. Well not on TV, but I was sure that he talked to people around him, people all over the place. People who would have business with him. Avi's a pretty tight-lipped guy, but this is a role he's been excited about casting right. Avi knows good and well that he can put this character in her own series if she connects with viewers. Like happened in the book.

Sure enough, as I was making my rounds contacting everyone on my 'Avi Arad contact type' list, I got a phone call from a contact I didn't know could know this, but who has been very reliable in the past. Well, she named JENNIFER GARNER from TV's ALIAS as having nailed down the part.

I don't watch much, if any TV, not because I hate it, but because I don't need another addiction. Film occupies the chamber behind my needle, but Robogeek knew this gal right off. In fact in the Robogeek film of joint exercise manuals he had pics of the lovely Jennifer Garner, he suggested the leather big one... I found the others.

Asking about, this seems to be a pretty solid choice. Robo felt this was the best choice of the 'names' he and his contacts all over the land of the meet and greets... Now some other sites have called around and they've been told that Avi Arad jumped the gun in claiming the role was filled, but apparently from what I've heard they've decided on Jennifer Garner, they've agreed on a deal, it's just a technicality at this point. A technicality that will be ironed out quickly. Or so I've been told. She looks damn good, hope they hire a great voice and accent coach.

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