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Paul Anderson on RESIDENT EVIL, EVENT HORIZON Director's Cut plus Fangoria Weekend of Horror Tidbits!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... As many of you know I really hate Paul Anderson's work thus far. Why? Because he operates in my favorite genres, says the right things, makes me hope for a very cool movie and then delivers excrement on screen. It is enraging, disappointing and violating. Yet here I am again... I'm listening to what he told an audience at the Fangoria Weekend of Horror and I'm hoping... hoping that maybe this time he won't come home drunk and beat me with another bad movie. That this time the promised bouquet of roses and entrails is exactly that. That Milla Jovovich is hot and cool and badass in RESIDENT EVIL, that the zombies do the zombie thing real well. Praying that CG gore isn't terrible. Hoping that when he made the cinematic abortion known as SOLDIER that he hit rock bottom... had a moment of clarity and pulled himself up out of the abyss of filmmaking that he was in and made a great fun visceral thrill of a movie. Because the guy gets his hands on cool properties from time to time... I don't want to hate his DEATH RACE 3000.... I loved DEATH RACE 2000, and no matter what he does, that film will always be there for me. UGH... The Rob Zombie news about filming additional tough scenes for HOUSE OF A 1000 CORPSES is true. I've heard that Rob has decided that since it is 100% his film now he's going balls deep in horror with it. Making it as rough as they come. As for Norrington doing Freddy Vs Jason.. that sounds weird as hell to me... Who knows? But enjoy....

Whats up Harry,

I'm a first time writer. You can call me Krackhead. I was at the Fangoria Weekend of Horror today and Paul Anderson was there with Milla Jovovich (looking beautiful as always) promoting Resident Evil. I thought it was interesting that he said the movie is an NC-17 cut right now and they are basically going for a HARD R. Hopefully they go through with that since it is a zombie flick (the best of the genre). He also noted that He doesn't like CG creatures so he used very little CG in this film. He said most of the CG was used in unusual places. Like say a zombie had an eye missing, that would be done with CG. I'll have to wait and actually see the movie to know how I feel about CG gore.

He also talked about a few projects he is working on. The first is Death Race 3000 (this could be a spoiler I guess, just a warning so nobody bitches). He said he gopt the new script for it the day before and Milla made him explain the first scene to us. I'm not sure what the landscape is but it starts with about 500 cars racing towards this giant wall. The wall has about 100 doors open for the cars to go through, and then when they get a certain distance in front of the wall 50 of the doors close. So basically 500 cars going really fast + 50 doors to go through = lot's of carnage. He also said he would like to get Sylvester Stallone to come back for his role as Machine-Gun Joe Viterbo.

Three more interesting things he mentioned. One: He should be doing an Event Horizon(horrible movie) special edition DVD with a lot of deleted scenes either put back in for a directors cut or at least on the disc as an extra, I forget exactly which. Two: He is interested in bringing the video game Grand Theft Auto to the big screen. Didn't say much more than that statement. Three: If they ever greenlight an Aliens v.s. Predator movie he is going to be knocking down Hollywoods door to get to do it. I personally think he would be a horrible choice for that. Too epic and big for him. But I did like that he said he was a big fan of the series and that it went downhill when CG started popping up in it. Anyway, that's enough about him.

Onto Robert Englund. He dropped a little info about Freddy v.s. Jason. Looks like Stephen Norrington may be attached to it now. I'm not sure if that's new info or not.

Bill "Chop Top" Mosely was also there and he said Rob Zombie is shooting some new footage for House of 1,000 Corpses at the end of this month. The film should be out around the end of summer and will most likely be a Hard R.

That's about all the good stuff I heard today.


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