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Harry here... I'm very edgy about anyone messing with BLADE RUNNER ever. I love the film. Specifically I love the original theatrical version. I loved Ford's dead to the world narration. I loved the style of the delivery just sounding exhausted, tired... fed up, like he's told this story before and you're bothering him by listening. I like it because that is the movie I grew up with.... till it disappeared. My hope for this Special Edition is that we get a small theatrical release (or large), then on the dvd that we get ALL 3 VERSIONS of BLADE RUNNER.... The original theatrical.... that Director's cut that is everywhere and this new fangled thing. And most likely I'll be watching the original theatrical version.... But if they don't that's why I have a super fine scope print of the original theatrical to watch at home... Nobody fucks with BLADE RUNNER at geek headquarters! hehehe

Hey Harry,

I thought you might like an update as to what we can expect from Blade Runner - The Special Edition (or whatever it may be called). A friend of mine (I saw over Christmas) is working on the film and has had a few "screening sessions" with Director R. Scott to go over what changes and additions should be made. He is one of the senior production guys on the new project and should have known better than to drink and gossip with a geek like me…but, here it goes...

1. There is a new scene that we have never had a look at. It was "lost" during the original film processing and was "re-discovered" when the archive of the original footage took place. My friend sates that it will be very cool, but would not tell me what it was...I'll try to get it out of him soon...

2. Some VO may stay. RS is not opposed to it's use, but the shots around it should be re-edited and have a tighter pacing if it's to work - most likely, some VO will be in the new version.

3. About 3 to 7 min of "original" footage will be trimmed and cut to make the edit flow better.

4. New sound design for some of the cars and equipment may be used. Although the original sound is a masterpiece, RS thinks that some of the technology assumptions (i.e. hydro electric power sources) is not in tune with the reality of today - look for some "combustion" in new sounds…

5. All the special effects will be re-matted via computer and wire removal is assumed. Some new background details (flying cars) might be added as well...

6. They're going to fix the bad lip-syncing and some of the stunt double shots that got through.

7. The unicorn will stay…but its effect/placement in the movie may be different due to the "new scene".

The biggest news I have are the comments that Ridley Scott made often during the production review:

When looking at certain sections of the film RS mention that he could not "believe that they (the audience) can't see he's (Decker) a replicant". This is the sub-text that he is using for the film. Decker (in RS's mind) is a replicant. My friend knows that this caused uproar online, but feels that the new shots and edit will make this issue clear to all.

Hope this is new info for you and yours...all in all, it should be something to see. The projected production completion date is 5/02 - no word on re-release dates or if it's going straight to DVD.


"Skin Job 5"

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