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Hey folks, Harry here. One of my absolute favorite movies of 2001 has been THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF. I'm privileged to have seen it. Lucky as hell in fact. This is a film that just is all that and the cup of joe. Christophe Gans had a stunning vision with this movie, a confluence of genres perfectly blended to just feel right. Ya know? Now, this isn't coming out till January 11th. And then only in select cities, I will be reminding you of when and where. This is a movie I want to see expand across the country, because it is that good. A great alternative to check out when the showings of FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING are all sold out. It isn't that film by a long shot, but what it is is entertaining as hell. And the movie is exciting, alluring and thrilling. Wonderful flick. And this new trailer that just now went up is pretty damn sharp as well.

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