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The On-Going Joy Of The ELEKTRA casting Saga -- DAREDEVIL!

Hey folks, Harry here.... Well the drama which is the casting of ELEKTRA for the DAREDEVIL movie seems to be continuing. It seems that the studio is being fairly adamant in getting a 'name' actress to play ELEKTRA. I have to say that none of these latest actresses that they've been calling in have been exciting or even cool for the role in question. Personally, if all the reports I've heard of an 'unknown' Greek actress reportedly being perfect for the role are true... then IF I were involved, I'd be excited about adding to the buzz by 'discovering a new star'.... Of course, that's only if it is true. Here's the latest from a source so secret he/she doesn't even know who they are themselves.....


So here's the latest I heard yesterday, and did my best to confirm today...

I have it from a highly reliable source that the following actresses have in fact been brought in during the last two weeks for meetings/auditions for Elektra as part of Fox's ongoing, desperate, and highly irrational search for a name - ANY name - even though their casting director, some junior execs, etc. are convinced they've already found the metaphysically perfect Elektra in the form of an unknown (but experienced) Greek actress.

Jessica Alba (Eek.)

Salma Hayak (5'2" - over a foot shorter than Ben.)


Rhona Mitra (This is a name? She's never starred in a movie!)

Maybe it's just me, but I just can't buy any of these as Elektra.

Meanwhile, certain studio forces seem to be continuing to conspire to prevent Avi Arad and Mark Steven Johnson from meeting with said perfect unknown Greek actress - or even seeing any of her four (apparently excellent) screen tests - for fear of shifting the balance of power (this mainly is the case regarding Avi; Mark apparently has next to no power on the project).

Rationally, given the casting they already have in place, you'd think they'd realize that they don't need another star, when they have an opportunity to _make_ a star a la Hugh Jackman in X-MEN. Sigh...

Meanwhile, from Rob Worley's new Comics 2 Film column for today: Marvel Studios' senior vice president Kevin Feige told Comics2Film that the search continues for the actress who will play Elektra in the upcoming Daredevil movie. Feige serves as executive producer on the film. "We're still looking. It's a tough role to cast and it's a very important role to cast," Feige said. In casting the part, the producers of the film are looking beyond the initial movie. "It's very important because we see her not only as the kick-ass female lead the Daredevil movie but we see her spinning off in her own movies," Feige said. "A lot of pressure on the actress." Fans who got excited by recent internet dreamcasting that put Greek actress Noni Dounia with the part may be disappointed to learn that she is not being considered for the role.

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