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Newsweek Flips! Here's The Clip From FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING of Balin's Tomb and the beginning of the Cave Troll hell!

Harry here, passing this along... be right back with more...

Here's David Ansen's Review of FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, coming from the 'never having read or even vaguely being familiar with the books' review!!!! Hehehhehehehehe, AWESOME!!!! Here's a Great Quote: "... it transcends cheap thrills; we root for the survival of our heroes with a depth of feeling that may come as a surprise. The movie keeps drawing you in deeper. Unlike so many overcooked action movies these days, “Fellowship” doesn’t entertain you into a stupor. It leaves you with your wits intact, hungry for more."

Hey folks, Harry here with something that many of you have been craving fairly non-stop since it aired the other night. Now here for your enjoyment is the oh too small, but hey... you international folks can get a peek too. Now a word of warning, this clip is not as it appears in the film. The nimrods that made this program hatcheted the whole into pieces... Gone are the dramatic contexts, instead it begins at a comedic punchline face reaction... Also some of the more... radical combat moments from this opening have been pruned so that you innocents don't get corrumpted. So, Enjoy...

Click Here To Get The Balin's Tomb / Cave Troll clip from the other night on FOX!!!

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