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Luc Besson to direct Natalie Portman in a sequel to LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL'

Harry here with a story of complete fanboy wetdream joy... if true. We all know Luc Besson's LEON aka (THE PROFESSIONAL).

You do know it riiiiiight? Ok, well in my book of cool, LEON is right there hanging around the top of the ring going ding-a-ling! I love it to death. I've seen the film over and over and over again. I've had endless conversations with a number of friends about the film called MATHILDA... no, not that one, but the follow up to LEON... based on Natalie Portman's character.

But I never really thought we'd see it come to pass. Well, seems otherwise. Rumors and stories are popping up all over the place online. Depending where you go, Natalie Portman has signed on for the sequel... to Luc Besson will do it if Natalie does it.... to they're all set to go.... to they are in negotiations.

This is typical of a Luc Besson project... confusion in the ranks of the media... Don't expect to hear many... if any details about this project, Luc runs a tight ship, the leaks do not come often, but folks, if this really is going ahead. If I see our milk drinking charade loving murder obsessed flower raising girl going all Nikita on us.... I'll flip. I'll just flip. Keep your fingers crossed!

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