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Details on Cameron Crowe's UNTITLED DVD!!

I am – Hercules!!

Brace yourself for “Untitled,” the long-rumored supersized DVD version of “Almost Famous.”

It hits stores Tuesday. Read on.

Hey harry its thx777b here, that crazy but still ok guy to be with from that ancient geek-land.

The reason i e-mailed you about is Cameron Crowes second coming to dvd, of the masterpiece Almost Famous. I love Almost Famous, one of my favorite films of 2000, its a dream come true for every film-geek/rock- geek out there. I know a guy that works over at fox home video and told me a litle bit about the new dvd that is coming out, you may have been told allready about this but i will tell you about it just in case you didn't.

To all those people out there that didn't know, Almost Famous was really rumored back in early 2000, when it was still titles Untitled, that it would be over 2 hours and a half, i remember in one stage that it was said that it would be almost a 4 hour cut.

Well thank god, cameron crowe did as he promised after the movie was released in 2000, to bring us his original vision at least on dvd. There is allready a dvd out there but thats just the mainstream-just normal-dvd editon The new dvd will be a 2-disc set with am audio-cd as an extra that will feature 6 original songs by stillwater! Well ain't it cool?

The first disc will have:

  • 1)The new re-edited version that has the length of 162MINUTES! Not 4hours as rumored but an extra 40minutes is fucking amazing, imagine all the new information we will learn on the films storyline and charecter develompment!
  • 2)A commentary by Cameron himself,
  • 3)Interview with Lester Bangs,
  • 4)Behind the scenes docu,
  • 5)the original rolling stone articles as with the original dvd,
  • 6)Cameron's Top-ten Lp's of 1973 and
  • 7)Music Videos

The second disc will hold space for:

  • 1)Stillwaters Cleveland Concert,
  • 2)Deleted Scenes with Directors commentary,
  • 3)the trailers,
  • 4)the ususal cast and crew bios and production notes and
  • 5)the original screenplay that won the oscar last year!:)

As for the third disc:

  • as i said will be an audio cd that will have 6 new songs, amaaaaaazing stuff!:)

I hope he gave me the real deal that friend of mine becouse this sounds as good as the Citicen Kane super dvd. I hope Cameron Crowe's new cut will be at least as important and perfect as the new cut Robert Wise did for the new Star Trek: the motion picture dvd!:)

/me prays really hard!

This was thx777b live from the 7th geek dimension!:)

One detail thx777b’s source apparently failed to mention is Cameron Crowe’s mom does the audio commentary with him!

One also hears the new disc will boast cast audition tapes and rehearsal footage. Hey, this could be pretty good!

Find more about the “Almost Famous -- Untitled: The Bootleg Cut” DVD in this this story!

I am – Hercules!!

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