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BLACK CHRISTMAS 2 update.... Plus an Elm Street Prequel'

Hey folks, Harry here with an update on the BLACK CHRISTMAS 2 story from yesterday. We're still working to get official word, which we haven't found as of yet, but we know that many of us look forward to this. Personally I'd rather that this was going to be a theatrical release. But I like playing this

I read on your site about Black Christmas 2 and just wanted to tell you that I'm a personal friend of Stu Allison, who wrote the film Christina's House, and he recently completed the script for the Black Christmas sequel. Warner Brothers is making the film with the help of MGM who will release it direct to video in December of 02'. It's a very low budget film, and the director of the original Black Christmas is in talks to direct it. Olivia Hussey will be back playing the same character she played before, only all grown up and now a detective investigating more deaths in the same sorority house she lived in. Pretty cool stuff. --Dion Quintuplets

And now we have the rumor about a new installment of Freddy Krueger's ELM STREET films. Doing a prequel about him as a living being, who was a child murderer... and ending with him being burned alive. That would be fascinating... but frankly, I'd want it to be painfully un-hammy on the part of Robert Englund... played totally serious and straight. It could be fascinating. Sounds like it is in the earliest stages of conceptualization...

I talked to Heather Langenkamp's agent this morning and he tells me Heather is in discussions with Wes Craven about a new project. "There are ongoing discussions with Wes Craven about what shape another ELM ST movie might look like and if there’s a place for the character, Nancy Thompson". The most likely project they are talking about is the prequel to the first "ELM ST".



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