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BLACK CHRISTMAS 2' After 27 Years' Really'

Hey folks, Harry here. Is it really possible? For seventies horror geeks, you know how freaking great BLACK CHRISTMAS... aka SILENT NIGHT EVIL NIGHT was. All this does to me is give me questions... Will Bob Clark helm it? Could it possibly be possible? Is there really a point, or should BLACK CHRISTMAS remain as a perfect example of wonderful seventies suspense horror? Could be... Olivia Hussey back? How will she play into it? Will she be the main character? Will she be killed instantly? Will she be the killer? Who knows, but take this as your official... GO FIND OUT call. Very much looking forward to learn more on this...

My name is _______ and I happened to be an extra on the film "Island Prey" and had a chance to talk with Olivia Hussey and she told me she was getting ready to do a sequel to the horror film Black Christmas. Thought you might like to know.


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