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You've Heard about CGI Bruce Lee in his new movie DRAGON LORD, now see tests!

Hey folks, Harry here... Ya know, my reaction to hearing, "They're making a new Bruce Lee movie with CGI Bruce Lee called DRAGON LORD," was: COOL! I know I'm supposed to be horrified and angry and repulsed.... But here's the deal... Before STAR WARS for me, was BRUCE LEE. There were 4 major geeky cool things I was into before being brainwashed by Milius, Lucas, Spielberg, Miller, Carpenter, Donner and the rest of that bunch... My first love was GORGO. My next love was THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Then there was BRUCE LEE and the song "DIG DIG" from Snow White. I remember the day in my life that I found out Bruce Lee was dead. I was at the Austin Fantasy FilmFest selling 8x10 stills of Star Trek, Harryhausen monsters, Logan's Run, Dr Who, Bruce Lee... and someone was buying the Bruce Lee still and I told him, "I can't wait to meet Bruce Lee, he's my hero!" and this cold heartless bastard told this 4 year old Bruce Lee geek.... "BRUCE LEE IS DEAD!" I actually began crying. I didn't know that movie people could die.

Well, the 'Lee Estate' has decided to move forward with Bruce's post-life career. His wife and daughter are going to bring Bruce Lee back to life on screen.

Now, maybe it is because I've already seen Bruce Lee in a new movie this year once already. In SHAOLIN SOCCER, the goalie for the Shaolin team.... DEAR GOD! It is Bruce Lee. It is just about the most scary likeness I've ever seen in a film. And the scenes with him as the goalee are some of the frickin best action work I've seen in a mule's age.

Personally, If I was Marvel Comics and Steve Norrington, I'd hire 'Bruce Lee' to be a certain "Master of Kung Fu" in their film. Because that would just be the damn coolest thing ever.

All I know, is I'd rather watch a fake Bruce Lee in a movie than a real Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal.... know what I'm saying?

Below were two tests that the company doing this did over a year ago. I'm sure they've gotten even better. Here ya go...



Hi Harry

Dunno if you've seen this but the BBC are running a story which says a film is being made using CGI to recreate Bruce Lee. The film is to be called Dragon Warrior and financed by ShinCine Communciations. The link to the full story is here!

I'm not to sure I like the sound of this Bruce is a legend and shouldn't be mucked about with

Take care

Steve Conibear

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