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Official Quicktime Release - ATTACK OF THE CLONES!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... what more is there to say... Go fetch boy!

Click here to get the gorgeous digitized by APPLE's mad scientist and awesome equipment... the perfect version of the 'BREATHING' Episode 2 trailer!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... while I love free software as much as anyone, I do have to say that I fully support getting the full QUICKTIME PRO. For one the looping option by itself is worth it. The frame by frame. The ability to adjust contrast and brightness, play with the playing speeds, the editing features. I started buying the pro features with Quicktime 4, and frankly for the quality of the product and the fact that nearly all the coolest stuff is shown on the high quality level of Quicktime online these days. Personally it is worth it for me. There is only one additional feature I wish it had. I wish, I could program my Quicktime player to play multiple trailers that I choose in a continual or random loop, as opposed to continually having to stop one... load the next... sort of thing. Otherwise, I love it. And yes I do understand not wanting to pay for software. Or that getting QUICKTIME PRO would mean sacrificing a dvd or 3 features at a theater at night... And ya don't want to buy software that'll be outdated soon. But ya know, it's Apple's way of paying for the employees that put this stuff up for us, that develop the software and that host the bandwidth. So either see the smaller ones, or upgrade.

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