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Hey folks, Harry here... Prior to this trailer, my excitement level for Episode II was fairly in check. This weekend I finally sat down to watch the Episode 1 dvd, and while I still enjoy that film, I really do agree with those that feel that it doesn't feel to terribly much like Star Wars. This trailer does. I'm not talking about the heavy breathing over the whole thing, instead, I'm referring to the colors and the shots. Coruscant is no longer lit the way it was in the first film. That night shot of Obi Wan sliding down whatever that was... the night shot of Jango Fett flying around... dear god how cool was that? The complete darkness saber battle, where we have only the blades to illuminate the faces of the combatants. The stormy OCTOPUSSY set. Just that simple shot of R2... Miles difference in terms of the composition there. The Tatooine shot, much better. Notice everything in this trailer is dramatic lighting as opposed to being over lit. However... This is only a trailer. And a short one at that. And if there is one thing that Lucasfilm knows how to do better than anything, it's how to cut a trailer. I'm very curious to see how things progress from here. More than anything I wanted and needed to see a perceived tonal shift.... This seems to be presenting that. Disney often times presents a darker tone for their animated projects, prior to showing the happy happy nutrasweety cotton candy hell of a Rosie O'Donnell ape... Is this the same tactic, or did King George really understand what so many were griping about, OR was it always his intention to hook young uns with happyness in the first film, only to turn darker and darker in the next two. That's the same tactic that J.K. Rowling has been doing with her Harry Potter novels. Well... we'll see. Personally I'm dying to see the next trailer!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'll be right back with my thoughts and some images from the trailer... for now, here ya go.


Hey Harry,

Don't know how long it will be there. Good quality from a source, not a theater bootleg!


Then about thirty minutes later this one came in

Hey Harry,

Be the first to check out the Star Wars Episode 2 teaser trailer! That’s right, the new one! Take a look at the MPEG version here:


and be sure to spread the word!


However, the fastest download I've found thus far is here...


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