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John Lasseter's Next Pixar Project: ROUTE 66!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. Right now this very second we know the name of John Lasseter's next directorial film. ROUTE 66. It will be his next PIXAR animated film and probable masterpiece. All we know is that it is "a car-driven' film. NOW... what does that mean and what can that mean? Will it be a film about sentient vehicles? Or will it be a film about a single car and its passengers journey along Route 66 with the insane amount of Americana brought to life? ROUTE 66 was once the very symbol of what it was to be an American with a car and a road to travel in this country. Gaudy road side attractions litering this artery of the U.S. There were songs about it, tv shows about it. It was entrenched in the iconography of this country. Will it be set today, with the modern cars, will it be set in the 50's in the heyday of the highway? Will it be set today, but feature an old car's final trek from one end of this country to the other? We have no idea, but we do know... John Lasseter is doing it, so we know we will be there! Here ya go...

Hi Harry!

Celbi here from Animagic ( I have some info about the seventh animated feature from Pixar (and maybe the last one to be released by Disney):

After toys, ants, monsters and fishes, one of the next projects from Pixar Animation Studios will have... cars! USA Today said the title: "Route 66". But doesn't have anything to do with the 60's television series. This movie may be released in 2005 because of Finding Nemo in summer 2003 and Brad Bird's The Invincibles in 2004.

Quote from USA Today article: "Says executive producer John Lasseter, Pixar's star innovator whose next directing project is a car-driven vehicle, Route 66 : Our technology has matured beyond a novelty. In the beginning, it was 'Wow, this image was made by a computer.' Wonderful. But it has to come back to a good story with great characters and a believable world."

USA Today article: CLICK HERE


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