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EVIL DEAD 4... Coming Soon' New Added Details!!! Raimi Discloses The Beginning of the Fourth Film Here!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Well folks, maybe we could have something cool and small on the horizon from Sam Raimi. I'm sure that you're tired like I am of big budget Sam Raimi. That you wish he'd leave the big budget stuff to the soulless regulars that usually produce this stuff... We want our broomstick cameras and sped up motion and 3 Stooge horror riffs and stop-motion effects and gallons and gallons of multicolored goo. However, I think we'll all forgive him for making SPIDER-MAN, just as long as he promises to bring us Deadites and Ash!!! Immediately thereafter... right?

Not sure if someone else may have already hit you with up this little tidbit, but I found it intresting...

I attended the screening of a newly restored print of 'Evil Dead' at the Egyptian Theater here in Hollywood on Halloween. It's still a spectacular film. They also screened Bruce Campbell's 'Fanalysis', a charming, if flawed documentary.

But afterwards they held a Q & A with Robert Tapert and two of the actresses from 'Evil Dead.' Amazing how pretty much every story about this film has been told and since passed into legend.

The inevitable question was posed to Mr. Tapert, "Will there be an Evil Dead 4?" To which he responded, "Well, I've sort of been authorized to make some sort of statement... and Sam, Bruce and I want to make a good, old fashioned independent film. Sam directing, Bruce starring. Whether or not that will be an Evil Dead sequel, I don't know if any of us know that. But this project is something we are definately moving forward with."

Take it for what it is....


Hey folks, Harry here with an update!!! This sounds like greatest film opening ever!!! I'm THERE!!!!!! I mean on the special edition ARMY OF DARKNESS dvd, we know that he sleeps for centuries... That would mean that he would get fat, so the opening that Raimi describes would be PERFECT!!!! THE GENIUS IS ALIVE!!!! ALIVE I TELL YOU!!!!

Hey Harry, popping my cherry by sending this to you, I have no idea whether you've heard this or not!

Concerning an Evil dead follow up, Empire magazine in the good old U.K recently printed an article about the making of the original movie. When asked about the possibility of a fourth movie Raimi replied:

"Absolutely, the camera is going to start on the surface of the moon, full of giant craters and as it pulls back, it's Bruce Campbell's dimpled ass, playing a 25 year old man when he's far too old. He's going to have a big, pot bellied gut and he's going to get back The Eye of the Tiger to battle the Evil Dead."

This all sounds very tongue in cheek and seeing as Bruce Campbell (God) is always vehemently denying the possibility of a fourth flick, it would seem that a continuation of the movie world's coolest troika remains just a fanboys hope.

Anyway, keep up the good work...Groovy!


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