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Hey folks, we've got a vicious carnivore of a rumor here about a CROCODILE HUNTER movie ya see. This amazing creature from our cable channels has been tearing it up for a while now, and even made an appearance in the wonderful teaser trailer for the lowly DOCTOR DOOLITTLE 2. This time it seems the weird as hell bastard has a feature film in those jaws of his. So whaddaya think mates?

Hola Harry. The Jett Man here. As you might know, I run the Bat-themed "BATMAN ON FILM" site. However, this is not Bat-news. I got a scoop from a good source of mine in regards to the proposed Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin movie. And since I only do Bat-movie news, I thought you might dig this. Bruce Willis is the Executive Producer, and MGM/UA is the studio. The film is called "CROCODILE HUNTER: COLLISION COURSE", and the script is very funny. Steve Irwin plays himself, and gets mixed up in a CIA hunt for a missing satellite. He's not required to act, because the whole film intercuts his usual Croc Hunter shennanigans with the story of the bumbling CIA agent on his trail. Virtually every big star (Willis, Travolta etc.) want cameos, but Steve Irwin doesn't want them! And it seems that Australian actor Lacy Hulme (Let's Get Skase) is up for the role of the CIA agent. Like I said, not Bat-news, but a bit of a scoop on a film that I wouldn't normally cover. Thought you might be interested. Late.

The Jett Man

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