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Enterprise 1.4 FAQ

What’s it called?

“Strange New World.”

What does Herc secretly re-title this episode when no one is looking?

“Transporter Mishap!”

Who’s responsible?

Teleplay credited to Mike Sussman and Phyllis Strong.

What does TV Guide say?

“The discovery of an Earthlike world proves irresistible to Trip, who persuades Archer to allow his survey team to camp on the planet's surface - unaware of a gathering storm. After relocating into nearby caves, members of the crew become convinced they are being watched.”

The big surprise?

First the first time, T’Pol does something we’ve associated with Vulcans for decades!

What is TV Guide not telling us?

There’s a transporter mishap!

Is this the episode with the transporter mishap?

It is!

Does the transporter mishap happen to a “redshirt”?

Technically, it does not. The crewman subjected to the Enterprise’s imperfect new beaming technology wears the blue so long associated with Starfleet science officers. (But the victim’s still a disposable day player, so I guess he’s still kind of redshirt in spirit, right?)

How about some dialogue to set the mood?

“There’s a problem, sir,” says weapons officer Malcolm Reed as he fiddles anxiously with the controls. “There’re contaminents in the matter stream. The phase discriminator can’t seem to isolate the debris! Reed to sickbay! Medical emergency! Oh my dear Christ in heaven what have we done!?!”

He really says that?

Well, mostly. I may have fabricated the last sentence.

Is the transporter mishap extra-super-gory?

No! Though we’re told the victim has leaves and rocks embedded in his person, the crewman comes aboard ship looking basically like he spent the afternoon horsing around in a leaf pile.

Does any of the debris get into the crewman’s brain?

Nobody says. But I’d guess yes.

Does the transporter victim survive?

What am I, “transcript boy”? Go watch the episode!

Hey, Herc, how’d you like the “Undeclared” with Will Ferrell last night?

With or without Will Ferrell, ”Undeclared” is one of the funniest half-hour comedies I’ve ever seen. Will somebody please tell the good folks at Fox to get it out of that suicidal “Buffy”-“Gilmore” timeslot already?? This thing’s a riot.

Herc’s rating for “Enterprise” 4.1?


The Hercules T. Strong Rating System:

  • ***** better than we deserve
  • **** better than most motion pictures
  • *** actually worth your valuable time
  • ** as horrible as most stuff on TV
  • * makes you quietly pray for bulletins

I am – Hercules!!

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