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James Cameron's Next Feature Film Is Not RINGWORLD!

Hey folks, Harry here... I was contacted today by Larry Niven's agent, who told me that the report below, which I received from a subscriber to the Larry Niven Fan List Mail, was spreading a completely FALSE STORY about Larry Niven. Apparently, as of this moment there is absolutely no deal nor a deal in the planning stages between Larry Niven and James Cameron. One can only speculate that whoever started this rumor was a fan that wanted it to be true, that believed that Larry Niven's book would make a great James Cameron film, and it would... Hell, it would make a great film by any number of filmmakers, and hopefully one day it will be... God willing. Alas, that day is no time soon...


Harry here, it has been nearly a year since we had a rumor about Larry Niven's classic RINGWORLD and the possibilities of it being adapted to film. Long ago the rumor was that Phil Tippett was after it... That some producer or another wanted Chow Yun Fat in it... It has also been quite some time since we heard of a potential 'next directorial project' for James Cameron. We know that exploration and space has been on his mind as of recent... Thus his ocean journeys... his inquiries into going into space... His producing of the adaptations of SOLARIS (by Steven Soderbergh) and BROTHER TERMITE (by Stephen Norrington). We know that the last project that Cameron really loved was a scriptment of his own entitled AVATAR, and rumors have long attached Cameron to working with Arthur C Clarke on something... extraordinary.

Well, 'Speaker To Animals' was looking at his LARRY NIVEN email subscription today, when he came across this:

This past weekend I attended Albacon, where Larry Niven was the GOH. During the convention Larry made an announcement concerning a Ringworld movie. He told us that on Oct 6th, 2001, at 12:30am ET, he, Robert Mandel and James Cameron had agreed on deal to permit James Cameron to make a Ringworld movie. Larry was very excited and said, "Imagine seeing a Pierson's Pupeteer coming at you on screen." No other details were forthcoming.

He sent it to me to look at. Well, this book is the perfect material for Cameron to make a gob-smackingly jaw-dropper of a flick from. All I know is that with James Cameron attached, the possibilities of the movie absolutely kicking more ass than yo mama has, is through the roof dead on positive!

Joy Joy Joy!!!

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