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Here is the cherry popping posting of a new found spy, THE DARK READER, and his views on some scripts that pryed their way into his hands, hopefully he'll become a frequent contributor, and I do welcome others to write in on the scripts they may or may not of read...

I've contacted you before about reporting on screenplays and here's my first report. I have an inside track on a lot of projects in production and I thought the readers of this fine site would like to know what's interesting on the horizon. Since I get my grubby little paws on these screenplays through my own network of spies, I must remain anonymous. Just call me... The Dark Reader.

Spike Lee is currently working on an interesting project called The Summer of Sam. Interesting title huh? It's his first film that focuses more on caucasian characters. Italian Americans to be specific. The Summer of Sam tells the story of all the wild stuff that happened in New York City during the summer that the Son of Sam was on his killing spree. I have the script, but haven't read it yet. Soon as I do, I'll give you my take on it.


I just read a script called, Analyze This. It's currently in production staring Robert Deniro and Billy Crystal and directed by Harold Ramis. The story: A mob boss, Bob Deniro, suffering from depression and other ailments, forces himself upon a reluctant psychiatrist, Billy Crystal.

This screenplay is funny as hell. The dialogue is sharp and witty. Just what you would expect from a top notch Billy Crystal picture. The scenes between Deniro and Crystal read like a charm. Just imagine a, tough as nails, Deniro trying to open about his unusual sexual problems to a, very nervous, Crystal. Since both actors in my opinion are great, I expect the scenes to sparkle. I can honestly say that of all the scripts I've read lately, this one has the most potential. I predict a big hit if this puppy is done right. We'll see.


Also just read another mobster comedy called Mickey Blue Eyes. This one stars Hugh Grant, as an art dealer who is engaged to marry Jeanne Tripplehorn, the daughter of a mob boss. The hook is that Tripplehorn doesn't want Grant to get involved with the "family business", but of course he does in very comedic ways. Tripplehorn's dad in the flick is played by James Caan.

The dialogue in this one is not nearly as sharp as Analyze This. This one is more situation based, which is okay is the situations are funny. Unfortunately, I found most of them to be cliched or boring. There is one scene that takes place in a mobster graveyard that is inspired and will have audiences roaring. The ending of this movie is the weakest part. It's totally predictable and if they don't change it this flick ultimately won't float. I predict a flop.

I'll leave it at that for now, but you'll be hearing from me soon. I have others to report but I don't want to fill up your web site. Next time I'll give you a taste of Tim Robbins new period flick, The Cradle Will Rock, as promised Spike's Summer of Sam, and maybe some interesting projects that are currently in turnaround like every version of Speed Racer.

Cya... and remember... SCRIPT DOES MATTER

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