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UPDATED!! BUFFY Comes to American DVD Players 0n ...

… January 15!!

I am – Hercules!!

Here’s “Reno” with news of likely the finest television ever crafted:

Reno here, with a bit of news that just broke over at concerning a street date for the first season of Buffy on DVD. Here's what they had to say -

"On 1/15 (finally!) Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans will be rewarded for their patience. After much delays, Fox unleashes Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Complete First Season. Presented in full frame with English and French 2.0 surround tracks, extras include:

  • a full length audio commentary on "Welcome to Hellmouth" by Joss Whedon;
  • three "Joss Whedon Talks" interviews on six episodes ("Welcome To Hellmouth," "The Harvest," "Witch," "Never Kill A Boy On the First Date," "Angel" and "Puppet Show");
  • an additional interview with Whedon and actor David Boreanaz;
  • a Buffy trailer;
  • the original pilot script;
  • a photo gallery;
  • biographies; and
  • DVD-ROM weblinks.

Retail is $39.95 for the three-disc set." At last.

Also, the first season of MASH will be released the week before on DVD. Reno out.

Did leave anything out? Perhaps our many friends overseas will favor us with a few appraisals …

UPDATED! And so they do! From Adam:

Hey Herc,

In response to your subtle pleas of what people can expect on the 'Buffy Season 1' set, check this out:

  • DVD 1:
  • Interview - Joss Whedon (Creator) and David Boreanaz (Actor)
  • Audio Commentary - Joss Whedon (Creator) (Episodes 1 and 2 only)
  • Original Pilot Script
  • Trailer - Buffy
  • DVD-ROM content - Screensaver
  • DVD 2:
  • Gallery - Photos
  • Music Video - I Quit by Hepburn (4:02)
    DVD 3:
  • Biographies - Cast and Crew

That's pretty much it (outside of some fantastic menus).

Now as for the other side, yes, every episode is here, complete & uncut (unlike the UK versions which have literally been hacked to pieces).

Now, here in Australia we of course get the PAL format on discs, and in all honesty, the picture quality isn't quite what you would have hoped for, and as usual is presented full frame, but the sound mix is undeniably brilliant.

The interview clips provided from Joss Whedon & David Boreanaz are really just very tiny cuts from one of the worst EPK's I've ever seen, and they offer no insight whatsoever into the creative process of the show, but that is made up for by one of the best commentary tracks I have ever had the privilige of listeing to, and the script for said epiosdes further opens up the creative process.

Wheedon explains the ins & outs of every single moment of the 2 part opening, 'Welcome To The Hellmouth' & 'The Harvest', including a very interesting tidbit about which actor in the pilot episode was very nearly a new member of the Scooby Gang.

Box Set 1 is well worth the wait for every 'Buffy' fan out there, and while a little annoying visually (here at least), none the less is 'Buffy' on DVD, and must be bought. Good news?

They get better the further along they go, here's a little taste of Season 2 & 3:

  • Season 2:
  • Scripts
  • Commentary - Reptile Boy - By David Greenwalt
  • Commentary - What's My Line Parts 1 and 2 - By Marti Noxon
  • Featurette-Making Of- x 3
  • TV Spots
  • Trailer
  • Gallery-Photo
  • Biographies-Cast
    Season 3:
  • Script For 'Faith, Hope & Trick'
  • Featurettes - 'Season 3 Overview', 'Special Events', 'Wardrobe', 'Weapons'.
  • Cast Biographies
  • Still Picture Galleries
  • Script For 'The Wish'
  • Commentaries on 'Helpless', 'Bad Girls', 'Consequences', 'Earshot'
  • And of course, Season 3 has the second best episode of 'Buffy' ever, 'The Zeppo'

....Now I just have to wait for Season 4 for the best.... 'Hush'.

Regards, Adam.

I am – Hercules!!

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