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Harry here... I've never been a fan of the HIGHLANDER series... It has always just missed for me. The first one has moments for me, and Connery is just so cool he's hard to not love... Same with Clancy Brown, but I was never a fan of Christopher Lambert's character... And other than that great final showdown between Lambert and Brown... with that gorgeous Neon... well, somehow it just didn't capture me... but I felt it had promise. At the heart of HIGHLANDER are some great ideas. Dealing with immortality in a world of mortals... How to set up an ongoing business in this world... I never could understand the motive for not... living and let live... You're Immortal. You can walk in the daylight. You can amass great fortunes... Why risk that so you can have an earth-shattering orgasm? Well, as I do with every HIGHLANDER film, I hope for the best... and expect what we've been getting the last 3 times out... Sigh... Here's the report...

I have some new information on HIGHLANDER 5 : THE SOURCE. It's common belief that Connor McCloud (Christopher Lambert) is dead - not so, seems he will probably be in the next movie according to the producers of Highlander : Endgame speaking to fans at the convention. "Lambert has SIGNED, as has Adrian Paul. as well as with Elizabeth Gracen, Paul Wringfield, and the person who plays Joe Dawson. Panzer/Davis have asked Timothy Dalton to play a role in the film once the script is written. Also Roger Daltry might appear in a flashback."

Producers via the convention claim that Christopher Lambert can "actually return for the next one - as long as the next film is set before 2002. In 'endgame' he was killed - but only in that time period. Producers were also mulling over the idea of bringing back Adrian Paul's love interest, Faith - depending or not on whether or not fans want her back, seems the vote was to get her back".

It was said though that Lambert will also be involved in a couple of other films next year, hinting that his role in HIGH5 might be small. Lambert told Deb's CL Site, "I am currently working on a romantic action movie called "The Piano Player" and I'll be doing my 4th movie w/ Russell Mulcahy in February it is a sci-fi thriller led "Absolon". And afer that I will be doing a French comedy "Janise and John".

Look out for HIGHLANDER 5...I'll be in touch when I hear more.

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