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Jackie Chan's NOSEBLEED is off due to W.T.C. Tragedy!

Hey folks, Harry here... for shame... I know that this plotline for NOSEBLEED is now inappropriate, but there is still something funny about Jackie Chan being a window washer on the World Trade Center... It's not the WTC makes it funny... It's me thinking of all the gags that Jackie Chan could make out of being a window washer on an impossibly high skyscraper, of course... with the images of those poor people leaping out of the WTC to escape fire and rubble... Well, really high up hijinks just aren't what they once were. Then add in the terrorist aspect, I can see why he decided to can this one in favor of another. Here ya go....

Jackie Chan's film "The Tuxedo" is safe but according to USA Today, "Nosebleed" could be off for good.

The Jackie Chan film, Nosebleed, would have featured the martial-arts star as a window washer at the Trade Center who learns of a terrorist plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty, will have to be completely reworked. "It might have been written that way, but that's not the way we're going to do it," Amanda Lundberg of MGM, which picked up the comedy from New Line, told USA Today. "It's too premature to talk about what it is going to be." Other terrorist themed films that might have to be abandoned include Sean Connery's next "Lockerbie" and "The Alchermist". Source : USA Today

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