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W.T.C. to be Digitally Removed From SPIDER-MAN

Hey folks, Harry here... SpidermanHype.Com has found up from Sony that the company is working on a new teaser and poster campaign without the World Trade Center that should be coming soon, with another trailer due to be out this Christmas. In Addition:

Sony will also use computer technology to remove images of the World Trade Center from the final movie in respect to the tragic events.

Well, as I feared they're going to remove the W.T.C from the final film... I kinda knew in my heart that they were going to do this, but there was a part of me that just wanted to see them in the film... I just felt that it would be a beautiful impression to have of the buildings, but I understand how so many would only see pain in their image... I suppose it is for the best. The rampant rumors that SONY is going to cancel SPIDER-MAN that are coming from the UK press are false, but there is additional production to facillitate changes due to recent events.


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