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New Shots From France of ATTACK OF THE CLONES!

Hey folks Harry here with a bit of a look at ATTACK OF THE CLONES!!! Now aren't ya warming to that title like ya do to German Chocolate Cake fresh out of the oven with a double scoop of homemade Vanilla ice cream with nuts and Hershey's syrup dumped all over it? God I loathe diets... WRONG WRONG WRONG... You love the diet Harry... The diet is your friend. The diet will enable you to be the next Wilt Chamberlain of the bedroom! That's it baby, here I come... Oh... Here's those pics... BTW, ya wanna hate someone? That evil bastard Harry Lime broke into Skywalker Ranch and talked to Lucas himself... He's writing a 40,000 word piece about the experience complete with 10,000 uses of the phrase "OH MY GOD"... Should be exciting reading!


Here are four shots from "Star Wars Episode 2", published in the summer issue of the French magazine "LucasFilm Magazine".

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