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The New LORD OF THE RINGS Television Spot With New Footage in Glorious QuickTime!!! Umm, Click Here Dummy!

Hey folks, Harry here... During last night's MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS I suddenly began being innundated with emails about a LORD OF THE RINGS TV spot that aired in the middle of a technical difficulty in a U2 number... Well, knowing that Robogeek is hooked into all telecommunication satellites and archives all footage everywhere for his own strange personal amusement, I picked up my toaster and set out to bribe him with a pair of hot electric heated slots to fill... He accepted said bribe and set out to create worthy QUICKTIME grabs for all you sleepyheads that missed the MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS and wanted to see new footage... Including your first look at the CAVE TROLL, your first look at the strange world Frodo enters when he puts on the ring... your first look at Minas Morgul!!! AND MORE!!!

5.3MB / 320x240 / :30 CLICK HERE

3.4MB / 240x180 / :30 CLICK HERE

So remember, before treating your friendly local robot manservant like a mook, remember, those beady electric eyes can record anything for you... Including LORD OF THE RINGS FOOTAGE!!!! Enjoy my friends and support your Robot Retirement Fund!

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