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I am – Hercules!!

Material on the fall shows is piling up, so we’re reviving “Herc’s Strong Box” to deal with a lot of it all at once. MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, YOU GUYS!! (Don’t let these get around!)

Not As Vulcan As Previously Thought

Word from several highly reliable sources indicates that “Enterprise’s” token Vulcan – like Spock before her (and after her) – is going to get in touch with her emotions. Waifish stunner Jolene Blalock, who plays subcommander T’Pol, is said to be a bad match for the stoic ways of the Vulcanians, so her character is said to be getting a big dose of our human ways (if ya know what I mean) and will soon see value in things beyond pure logic.

Another "Enterprise" Plotline Drifts to This Surface

From Christian at TrekToday: "In 'Civilization,' the Enterprise discovers a planet comparable to late-19th Century Earth. When they go down to the planet to study its culture, they encounter a deadly mystery that has cost the live of several locals. In addition, Captain Archer gets a love interest - the beautiful scientist Tyala." Read more of TrekToday's scoopage here.

What’s Coming For FutureGuy

For a number of reasons too complex to get into now, Herc is almost convinced that the infamous and mysterious “FutureGuy” from the “Enterprise” pilot makes his home in the 29th century. Which means FutureGuy’s home era is situated long after the deaths of Kirk, Spock, Picard, Janeway, Worf, et al. We saw a bit of the 29th century during the run of “Voyager” (the doctor’s mobile emitter is derived from 29th century tech). Is “Futureguy” a far-future rogue determined to flaunt the temporal prime directive in order to help the Federation of Planets combat some far-future menace? As you ponder, read Herc’s spoiler-happy FAQ on the upcoming “Enterprise” series premiere here. “Enterprise” premieres Sept. 26 on UPN.

Spike’s New Ride

In the Oct. 2 “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” season premiere, Spike, in a highly dramatic and entertaining fashion, will impulsively acquire a motorcycle from a demon biker who has just invaded a slayerless Sunnydale with his gang. It’s now clear that Spike will come to like the bike enough to use it throughout season six as his new regular mode of transport.

Spike’s Other New Ride

When Coax revealed back on July 4 that Spike and Buffy would become more than friends by Thanksgiving, some claiming to be insiders insisted the pair would kiss only twice this season. We now understand that Spike and Buffy will kiss more than twice, and – to the rest of the Scooby Gang’s horror – go way way way beyond tongue wrestling. Read Herc’s FAQ on the “Buffy” season premiere here. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” returns Oct. 2 on UPN.

“Ed’s” New Romantic Rival

In the “Ed” season premiere we will meet a seemingly very mean new principal at Carol Vessey’s high school named Dennis. Carol despises Dennis almost at first sight, but word has it that Dennis will eventually emerge as Ed’s chief rival for Carol’s affections. Carol’s best pal, Molly, will also get a romantic interest: a man named (unless Paramount objects) Jim Phelps. Ed describes the new man in Molly’s life as “the world’s greatest purveyor of bowling-related paraphernalia.” To read Herc’s summary of how the Bonnie Hane cliffhanger is resolved in the season premiere, click here. “Ed” returns Oct. 17 on NBC.

“Boston Public” Cliffhanger Resolved!

Jeremy Peters’ anal-retentive mom, spotted at the end of the “Boston Public” premiere bound and helpless in her own basement, will make recurring appearances this autumn, but conspicuously absent will be one of Mrs. Peters’ body parts – lost, she’ll claim, in a gardening mishap. (Don’t be surprised if Mrs. Peters becomes an object of desire for perpetually horny Winslow vice principal Scott Guber.) In other “Public” news, we’re going to meet principal Steven Harper’s ex-wife and out-of-control 17-year-old daughter in “Chapter Twenty-Six” (2.4) after said daughter gets kicked out of her own institution of learning across town. To read Herc’s FAQ about the “Boston Public” season premiere, click here. “Boston Public” returns Oct. 22 on Fox.

Donna’s “West” Fling

On the second-best show in production, Donna Moss is going to start getting interested in her own Ainsley Hayes: a Republican lawyer named Cliff. She’ll meet him on a blind date, and Cliff is likely to turn up as a recurring character. The show’s other female regular will be appalled to be seated at a black-tie dinner next to a man who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry. And we’ll learn that Josh once had showbiz aspirations. Of a sort. “West Wing” returns Sept. 19 on NBC.

"Angel" Far From Done With Krevlornswath (of the Deathwok Clan)

TVsHenry chimes: “I met Andy "The Host" Hallett … at Dragon*Con this past weekend … Andy in particular had many stories to tell and had to stop himself a few times about spoilers. They are about to shoot episode 5, he is in episodes 1-3 and 5 so far and has a commitment for at least 13 this year (ended up doing 17 last year).” “Angel” returns Sept. 24 on the WB.

A Couple More Premiere Dates

For those who asked, the Cartoon Network’s “Justice League” bows on Nov. 17. “Andromeda” likely returns in most markets the week of Oct. 2.

“Alias” Rules

Herc has seen the pilot for ABC’s “Alias” and he’s here to tell you that AICN’s own Moriarty and E! Online’s superhottie Wanda are on the money: the pilot is a barn-burner; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more riveting 70 minutes on TV this autumn. (I haven’t seen the pilot for Fox’s “24,” but it’s difficult to imagine that American TV came up with two hourlongs this entertaining during the same pilot season. Having said this, if anyone out there has the “24” pilot or script, kindly send it along already.) “Alias” premieres Sept. 30.

I am – Hercules!!

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